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  1. Like Stack said - it's possible. My version of Magma allows you to use an override.midi - but this is a very advanced feature for someone not faint of heart. Good luck!
  2. I'm going to go ahead and make an educated guess and say no. Sorry.
  3. I also would find it hard to believe that they have never checked these forums. Chances are they probably did at some point. But if you're asking if they have someone on payroll to actively monitor this forum - I doubt it.
  4. FujiSkunk is working on it now. Maybe request it from him. It's doable - just a lot of work behind the scenes for it to happen.
  5. If the songs were for Xbox 360 ... of course they're not going to show up in Clone Hero. You need to convert the songs.
  6. Since you guys seem to like pictures of my car, here's two from today with a couple of my friends.
  7. You have an excellent memory. I forgot I posted about that here.
  8. How did you know I'm into photography? I've dabbled since 2005 but lately I'm mostly photographing my children and my car. Here's my latest photo, taken this past Sunday.
  9. Usually if it's showing X out of Y songs, it's because of a song conflict. You sure triple sure you don't have any songs with the same name that could be causing a conflict?
  10. Time to resurrect a 6 year old post. Wow. I had forgotten that I coded this thing into C3 CON Tools then removed it. I still had the source code so I compiled it and listed it in case anyone is bored and wants to play around with this relic.
  11. Updated OP with working links to all the source code since the links were all dead.
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