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  1. Just to underscore the good point made, you don't have to author drums to use drums for tempo mapping purposes. In fact, you should always use them, even if you're not authoring them.
  2. It's not "more important", it's the standard. Rock Band 3 is played on a single pedal kit, so all official songs and therefore all authoring rules have and refer to single pedal versions. So your base/standard version needs to be playable on the stock kit, no matter what. It doesn't automatically mean you have to reduce double pedal: there are songs not that fast that are played on a double pedal kit and in game have been authored with all notes (Disturbed had a few of those). Now, the proper way to do this is also provide a 2x version, mainly because you're probably gonna author it anyway a
  3. "1x drums" is the norm, there is no "1x" because it's the basic version. You don't have to do a 2x version, but the normal playable version is required, yes.
  4. If I send you a song to do pro keys for, can you author it and time yourself?
  5. We had to remove the very basic and apparently inoffensive Like system because people were abusing it to dislike songs as opposed to charts or even authors. You can imagine how a flagging system could be abused. But more importantly, there would be no way to moderate it: we don't have the resources to download each flagged song, test it and report on it. It's also a solution in search of a problem: full band songs are usually free from glaring issues, and authors who deliver full band customs that are really subpar are usually quickly identified by the community and tuned out
  6. Don't use irrational time signatures or those that make little sense like 1/1 or 2/2, CAT or not
  7. You told us the Rock Band version could very well be the version you used, so we had to remove it. If you go back and make sure what you used was not taken from the RB4 version we can unhide it, but we went with what you told us. Just make sure the source is not RB4 because a check will be done.
  8. I probably gave up on that because it's not a very frequent scenario and that part of the docs was probably a declaration of intents only. If somebody can crack the pro keys to 5-lane keys automatic or semi-automatic conversion I look forward to analyzing the code
  9. For anything related to this to exist it's fundamental that it remains about using customs in the game. No discussion of porting over official HMX content, etc. As long as this is treated as much as an exploit like the way we load customs in RB3 it's fine. NO DISCUSSION whatsoever of unencryption though: that would lead to a ban for sure and also we might go further if we feel it's needed.
  10. What do you mean "does that mean the Xbox 360 is only going to play the short version"? If the song doesn't come from your Xbox, where you already can play it and see which version it's playing, where does it come from?
  11. We'd rather not you shared this publicly. You can absolutely set up your own server for your needs of course, but please don't re-share our customs because you're taking away precious stats from our authors
  12. First, technically we don't have the resources to let people bulk download the database. A full dump of this database is roughly 300GB, thousands of bulk downloads per month mean hundres of TBs of data out. Second, again technically, we couldn't let you bulk download the DB because you'd be missing all the files hosted on external sites like Mediafire, for which you would need something like JDownloader. Third, our tracking system doesn't work for bulk, which means we would need to update the code or lose all stats for bulk downloads. Finally, I don't dislike that people only download wh
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