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  1. I'm guessing that patch wouldn't work on a retail xbox?
  2. It is very handy. I have created a few groups and put together certain songs. For instance, I separated all the Blitz songs into their own category since they just show up as regular DLC. I did the same for my AC/DC export pack. As far as PS3 is concerned, I'm not so sure that this method wouldn't work. Unless I'm missing something, you could just do the custom source and then convert it with CONtools.
  3. Me too! I am just waiting to figure out how to add text to the game, so that it can be used as a game_origin source. As soon as I can figure that out, we can do fully custom song sources on TU4. Thanks to the testing done by @i0brendan0 we know that venues won't break with a cusom song source, as long as you use milomod to convert the venue. They just use the default selection of venues that all other songs use, instead of the special selection that ugc_plus has access to. I think Milomod has the potential to batch convert CONs as well as change the game_origin. The cod
  4. If I ignore error and just hit continue, the program kinda hangs and just spins and spins when I hover over with mouse. Still allows me to use the program but it doesn't do anything. It is at least loading up the midi now, though. It's a little late now, but is there a batch option anywhere for 360? And how would one import into Reaper in order to resave?
  5. +1 for Monster Truck - Don't Tell Me How To Live This song would be amazing!
  6. I went through the process of converting all of the Beatles songs and I have run into trouble with 1 particular song. "Day Tripper" for some reason won't load into Milomod. It says midi not loaded when I throw the CON at it. There is also about 5 or 6 other Beatles songs that says "Not a MIDI or a Milo" Link to download file that midi won't load http://www.keepitfishy.com/tbrb/tbrb_daytripper
  7. So how did you get that text in order to use it as a song source? And I noticed that the picture is also on TU5. Modded system?
  8. So you could simply upgrade customs to use milo venues and put whatever you want as the source? The only catch being that if you play a road challenge and its a "DLC rock songs" playlist, even if that song is both of those things, because it is of a custom source, it eliminates it from being selected. Fantastic testing on this! This is great news! Now for injecting custom lines of text into the game file so we could use whatever category we want.
  9. I also noticed that in that file with all of the codes, there was actually no instance of 'ugc_plus' found anywhere.
  10. Maybe there can be a way to double up on the source. For instance, I have a RBN song that I actually bought from the store some years back. Looking into the contents of this song I found these lines in the dta ('game_origin' 'rb2') ('ugc' 1) The bottom line is just stating that the statement of whether it is a ugc song is true. I'm not sure why it is structured this way but maybe where it shows up can be changed without messing around with the 'ugc_plus' line.
  11. I booted up my song just to see if it played and didn't freeze. It seemed to work fine but I didn't go through the whole song to look for animation or venue changes.
  12. I tried that already and it doesn't work. This post shows it working, but it is on Title Update 3 http://customscreators.com/index.php?/topic/13460-remove-song-info-from-cache/?p=123126
  13. I actually didn't know that. It would work just fine I suppose, as long as you didn't use your genre category for anything.
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