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  1. I Would Appreciate This Very Much, Me and My Wife Plays Clone Hero and She Loves Jane's Addiction and Anything Dave Navarro.
  2. I'm hoping too man, This would be awesome, sevendust is underrated but they are great. I love alot of their music and hopefully someone will chart some of these songs.
  3. Here Is My List Of Songs That I Haven't Seen In The Database But Would Love To Play On Full Difficulty. I Only Play Guitar So Full Band Wound't Matter To Me As Long There Is Guitar. If I See a Song On This List That's In The Database I Will Updated. Sevendust - Ugly Sevendust - Failure Sevendust - See and Believe Sevendust - Picture Perfect Sevendust - Unraveling Sevendust - Angel's Son Sevendust - Trust Sevendust - Praise Sevendust - Broken Down Nonpoint - Victim Nonpoint - The Truth Jane's Addiction - End To The Lies Jane's Addiction - Of Course Jane's Addiction - Price I Pay Jane's Addict
  4. I play only CH versions anyway, and use a CON Converter to convert songs to Phase Shift
  5. I Got a Few Jane's Addiction - No One's Leaving Northlane - Colourwave Sevendust - Ugly Sevendust - Picture Perfect Red - The War We Made
  6. Thank You So Much Beard216, I Really Love and Appreciate You're Work Man. Keep It Up!!!
  7. I Would Love to Be Able Play These Albums On Full Difficulty. Korn - The Nothing (2019) Trivium - What the Dead Men Say (2020) If Not The Whole Album Than At Least These Songs From The Albums Korn - The Nothing You Will Never Find Me Finally Free Can You Hear Me The Darkness Is Revealing Trivium - What the Dead Men Say What the Dead Men Say Catastrophist Scattering the Ashes Amongst The Shadows & The Stones Hopefully This Will Get Noticed
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