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  1. Glad to see how much everyone cares and how quickly they were to help. Either way, seems to be working again.
  2. Using another browser lets me access it again, but clearing cookies/browsing data, etc, doesn't seem to affect it at all.
  3. It's more often I speak in Russian than English, so I was curious if someone'd charted one of my favorite songs (В Баре by ssshhhiiittt!), so I simply searched "В Баре" on the new database, and... I'm guessing the cause is due to how now the database saves search tags between sessions, no matter where I navigate in the database, I can't remove the search to stop it from crashing like this.
  4. It'd be easier if there was an alternative. Either way, I think the new database looks kinda cluttered, but I'm glad it's being updated, since the old one was kinda clunky.
  5. Hell yeah. It's absolutely amazing. It breathed new life into my RB2 strat, and made playing so, so much easier. It does take a little getting used to, though, with not needing to force the bar all the way down for it to actuate. I did send an e-mail to guitar@bytearts.com, and got a response from Scott. He told me that some (although pretty few) guitars have thinner wires on their strum bars, not leaving enough wire to get crimped down by the screws, and complimented my solution. He said that he might just include some thick copper wire with them to fix that in case that becomes more commo
  6. I did contact support, too, but I was determined to make it work for now. I used to repair SNES power boards with bread ties, there's a little wire that burns out after a while, and bread ties are almost exactly the same size as that wire, so if you strip it down and solder it on, it'll work perfectly. I figured there wasn't a lot of voltage, nor amperage going through those buttons, so it wasn't that big of a risk to put those in there. The strum bar was totally fucked anyways, so I wouldn't be losing much if it didn't work. Yeah, it's really helpful for some songs, though. Especially the
  7. So, I got a Strum Fix Plus and a Strum Fix Duo to fix up my two best RB guitars that had fucked strum bars. Primarily, my RB2 Strat with the automatic calibration sensor, and rosewood fretboard. This thing makes playing just.. so much easier. So much more fluid and fun. The throw of the strum bar is much shorter, and more satisfying when it actuates, and the gentle click is much less audible. In another guitar that had a jacked strum, I put the duo in.. This one was a bitch. The little clamps meant to hold the wires in didn't screw in right, so I had to tie the wires to stripped-down bread
  8. Ah, fun stuff. Reminds me of fixing PS3 slims with dead Wifi chips. (The chip is soldered to the motherboard, and due to the PS3 Slim's poor ventilation, often gets ruined by the console overheating, so you have to reball it or replace the whole mobo.) I guess I'll keep an eye out for guitars at thrift stores to part out.
  9. We're all a little bit crazy. Anyways, I'm not new to forums at all (I was on theisozone for a number of years, and I'm still active on GBATemp), but I'm definitely new to this one, so my bad for the initial mistake in forum topic placement. Anyways..
  10. Yeah, I've just popped into a local thrift store and found an RB1 or 2 drumset for $5 today. Didn't have a pedal, nor does it support my pro cymbals, but it seems seldom used and works well, so I've been using it happily, even without the support for pro drums. Where do you go to find replacement parts? I ordered two of the Strum Fix Plus'es that Doa recommended, but I'd like to know where I could find replacement fret buttons/whammy bars, if such things exist. Completely agreed there. I always love to at least attempt to fix something before deciding to huck it in the bin, especially w
  11. Ooh, definitely gonna check that out. I'd love to get my guitar with a fucked strum bar working again, it's one of the Stratocasters with the rosewood fretboard and the automatic calibration sensor.. I didn't even think about posting a classifieds ad. I'll get around to that. I would do that, but I feel like I'd get gouged on shipping. When I've bought actual guitars online, it always ends up costing an extra 20-30 bucks to ship it.
  12. Okay, I should preface this with some context. I'm a musician. Unsurprisingly, I have musician friends. One of my friends released a song that would be (for lack of better words) fucking awesome to play in Rockband 3. Here, have a listen. I mean, sure, it's mostly synth stuff and there's no actual guitar, nor bass guitar.. But that doesn't mean we couldn't just tab them to play some of the synth parts, right? I mean, guitar could play some of the leads and leitmotifs and such, bass and drums has a pretty clear part to play, and it's not hard to get creative with the keys at all. I also
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