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  1. I can add files to the "songs" directory and add new folders and files there but get the error when adding the files on the "first page" where the root directory is.
  2. I purchased an new 64 Gb USB drive and now everything works perfectly. Thanks guys
  3. I'm getting an "Object reference error" in C3 CON Tools/CON Creator when I'm adding files. Anything I have to install to get to work? Cheers
  4. Got it working now. Thanks guys
  5. I recently started to use the Rb3_con files to my xbox 360. I have 2 USB drives Sandisk Cruzer Blade 4 Gb and a 16 Gb. I have formatted then and installed A/V settings on the XBox and installed Update #4 using C3 CON Tools RBToUSB. The 4 Gb USB works fine but I really would like to use my 16 Gb for more songs but when opening the USB in RBToUSB I get "error reading file 'tu00000001_0000501'! Invalid STFS format" Is the USB drive bad or what? What is largest USB drive that we can use for Rb3CON? Another question: If I add files to the USB will Xbox find the the songs or do I have to r
  6. Hi I found a guide on scorehero how to play rb3con on Rb3 Xbox 360. I've formatted the 4 GB USB drive in Xbox 360 I've copied the video settings to the USB drive I've deleted the update #5 on the hdd I've starter Rb3 and installera the update on the USB drive I started Party Buffalo but device selector says "No drives found" On the USB i can see the folder Content with underfolders with Numbers but not downloaded - Rock band 3 - game saves Can anyone help me please
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