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  1. Many charters are waiting for the site and database to be fully reconfigured before they release their new work. The 10 year anniversary of RB3 is also in 3 days so hopefully a few more songs trickle out for that event
  2. Come on people. This is all a work in progress. If you don't like it, don't use it.
  3. These new songs from 10/07 are some of my favorite J-rock songs so far! My friends and I are loving your work 🙌
  4. I'm really looking forward to these! They sound like a ton of fun
  5. No. Unsigned code will only run on a modified console
  6. Nice! JTAG here and I am hoping to see this be released!
  7. Based on the information shared with us thus far we have no reason to believe any data has been lost. Configurations, design & themes are obviously broken but none of those things affect databases
  8. C'mon people It is not a reference to jerking off the guitar. The same logic applies to milking a cow, which is what I thought in my head as I fill the overdrive meter
  9. This is nothing more than coincidence. Harmonix has to work with the rights holders for songs they release so they must plan on releasing them even further in advance than a custom creator would. Also new music is new, which people generally like. It makes sense that hmx would try their best to release new songs in a timely manner, while they are still popular enough for people to want to buy them in-game.
  10. I always thought of the act as extracting the white substance from within the sustain note, therefore my mind logically went to milking as that is the same principle.
  11. Honorable mention, anything by Coletta
  12. Am I the only person who uses the term 'milking' in reference to the act of collecting overdrive by whammying on a white sustain note on guitar/bass?
  13. Thank you for charting these songs. I am from the USA and I would never know about any of this music if it weren't for you and your collaborators!
  14. These songs are of varied rock sub-genres but all of them would be a blast to play on RB. If I ever learn how to chart these are what I will start on. The Amarionette album is also available in instrumental form, the entire instrumental album would fun on RB. (I guess you can only embed 4 videos per page?)
  15. I recently bought my first Strum Fix Plus and I'm loving it. It blows away the stock strummer on the sunburst RB2 stratocaster. I have another Strum Fix Plus and a duo in the mail to replace my other guitars. The other RB2 stratocaster will become a bass with the duo, and the other strum fix plus is destined for my RB3 Telecaster. I may have to get creative to install it as it's not a compatible model, but I'm going to make it work. The stock strummer on the telecaster requires at least twice as much effort per strum compared to SFP
  16. Your extensive documentation is certainly encouraging to new people who may be interested in authoring(me). I just spent 2hrs reading this entire thread and previewing each of your songs. 19 new songs to play
  17. I wanted to express my utmost gratitude for all of the customs you've had a hand in creating over the years. I've only recently found this community but I already have +100 songs that you were involved in. You rock! (get it?)
  18. What a beautifully organized thread I can't wait to try some of these out!
  19. Neat video. Thanks for making it so easy to see what options are available. lol at the "shitty_tv" filter
  20. These write ups are awesome. I love reading about the amount of time and effort you've poured into your releases
  21. I would verify that you have deleted title update 5, and replaced it with update 4. Then clean song cache and try again
  22. just went from 3000 to about 800. Purged all of the songs I wouldn't play again
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