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  1. Many charters are waiting for the site and database to be fully reconfigured before they release their new work. The 10 year anniversary of RB3 is also in 3 days so hopefully a few more songs trickle out for that event
  2. Come on people. This is all a work in progress. If you don't like it, don't use it.
  3. These new songs from 10/07 are some of my favorite J-rock songs so far! My friends and I are loving your work 🙌
  4. I'm really looking forward to these! They sound like a ton of fun
  5. No. Unsigned code will only run on a modified console
  6. Nice! JTAG here and I am hoping to see this be released!
  7. Based on the information shared with us thus far we have no reason to believe any data has been lost. Configurations, design & themes are obviously broken but none of those things affect databases
  8. C'mon people It is not a reference to jerking off the guitar. The same logic applies to milking a cow, which is what I thought in my head as I fill the overdrive meter
  9. This is nothing more than coincidence. Harmonix has to work with the rights holders for songs they release so they must plan on releasing them even further in advance than a custom creator would. Also new music is new, which people generally like. It makes sense that hmx would try their best to release new songs in a timely manner, while they are still popular enough for people to want to buy them in-game.
  10. I always thought of the act as extracting the white substance from within the sustain note, therefore my mind logically went to milking as that is the same principle.
  11. Honorable mention, anything by Coletta
  12. Am I the only person who uses the term 'milking' in reference to the act of collecting overdrive by whammying on a white sustain note on guitar/bass?
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