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  1. Why exactly is it important to know the gender of the charter? Why is that even there? Oh wait, nevermind. I'm guessing that's the gender of the song vocalist?
  2. Okay, thanks for clarifying. I just wasn't sure there were any major mistakes in the tempo map that I linked. I'll refine it after I figure out how to make it compile once and for all lol Every other midi track not being used is muted, so the only ones that aren't muted are drums, bass, guitar, events, venue, and beat. So when it says there's an issue on the sixth track's header I assume it's referring to beat. This makes sense because when I unmute any other track before it like part vocals and export it, it says track 7 is the corrupt one. It still gives an error even after playing around
  3. Unfortunately I don't think anything you described is a reason for this issue. I was able to create a con file with just the drums a little over a week ago, but since I didn't know you were supposed to consolidate the audio when exporting, the audio started ahead of the chart. Since I had to fix this problem anyways, I decided to chart guitar and bass and have been having issues compiling it since. As for reductions, like I explained in OP I used onyx's tool to auto-generate the lower difficulties. I have a feeling this possibly could be the reason for error, but unfortunately Reaper won't det
  4. Hi, I keep getting the same error when trying to build my song and can't seem to fix it. I used onyx's reduction tool for EMH and used midi cleaner before compiling. MIDI Compiler: Autogenerating camera cues... MIDI Compiler: Validating... MIDI Validation failed: (AllNotesAreOff()) ERROR: MIDI Compiler: Validation failed; corrupted file. INTERNAL ERROR: MIDI Compiler: c:/(filepath)/dig.mid: Compiler output failed validation Here are the project files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RSERM_MEPinRzaRaXgi6Oo7uV_HwAnM_/view?usp=sharing
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