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  1. Exactly. I had the legacy adapter, which I bought for 45$ on eBay, and as soon as I figured out how to get customs going; I sold that crap ASAP. I asked myself "Why would I play a game that offers less?" To support them is the only good reason I see. Plus this is only good to those who already play the game, what about those who want to get into the game but can't even get a REASONABLY PRICE guitar to play either game? Let's hope they plan on producing more instruments to go along with this Next Gen Game upgrade or whatever they're calling it.
  2. Hmm ty for sharing this post. I just opened my broken my Xbox Midi adapter, and JP1 and JP2 are both solderer with jumpers. Think it would be as simple as to solderer the jumper(s) onto a PS3/Wii versions to work for xbox? I can provide pictures of it but cant atm.
  3. Thanks guys for the responses guys I appreciate it. While unfortunate that I ruined this Pro Adapter, I only spent 20 on it. I'm curious about the mod you're talking Alternity. Is it on youtube or something?
  4. So I went ahead and bought another Midi Pro adapter and it actually worked this time around, so that would mean that the issue is with my old pro midi adapter. Any advice on fixing it? I took it apart to clean off the sticky residual off the cover but in doing so the cables connecting the midi port to the main board ripped off and I re solderer them back to place but still nothing.
  5. Epileptic Techno by YFM Revamped is up for testing. Feedback plz
  6. Universe Beta Build (Yes it's actually tempo mapped this time). Feel free to leave feedback
  7. I remember having the same problem, but I just kept trying and I got it to work. I think you might want to hold down the sync button for a bit longer on the xbox then quickly hold the sync button for the keyboard. The only other thing, that i think, was my issue was that I tried using the batteries that came with the keyboard, which either didn't turn on or did but wouldn't sync (srry can't remember exactly) but I did remember putting a new set of batteries and it worked.
  8. Sounds simple enough. Funny enough I bought that cable about a mouth in advance for playing midi instruments whenever that chance would arrive. I hope that's the issue being a faulty midi cable; I'll be getting another one from my local best buy soon, hoping that's the issue.
  9. Thanks for the advice but unfortunately it didn't work. However when I was messing with the midi adapter, specifically with the instrument switches (D,K,G) The led would only turn on Guitar not on keys or drums. Is that normal? I read it does that for certain instruments but I don't know for sure.
  10. So I've recently bought a Yamaha PSR-273 Portable Electronic Keyboard for 5 dollars at a yard sale, but I can't get it to work on Rock Band 3. The keyboard has a Midi in and out, which I plug my midi cable into the out and into the in of my midi adapter, flick the switch to keys, and plug the usb into my xbox. The midi adapter turns on like normal and I power up my keyboard, but in game none of the notes are registering. Did i miss a step? or does this keyboard require more prepping? I'm not entirely sure what else is left. The midi cable connecting the two is Haso brand, if that contributes t
  11. Snowflakes Revamped put on hold until syncing issue has been resolved for Black Sheep.
  12. Squid Melody (Blue Version) by The Living Tombstone has been added to the WIP. It also includes Pro Guitar.
  13. Update- Will Power (Shacho Remix) by Shoji Meguro has been added. Poem of Everyone's Souls (T. Komine Remix) has been put on hold. Lastly, plan on starting another song soon, while this one gets feedback, so please feel free to leave feedback.
  14. Thank you Shroud and FujiSkunk for your input and to those who stopped by. Just some follow up questions, some insight, and I should be set. 1. Any good places to start looking for pro (Mainly pro keys)? Is it as simple as googling it? 2. I finally found the info on tempo mapping and for the most part, everything is covered and I can see why vets would be upset when newbies asking questions when the answer is already there, though there is a fair amount of reading required. I learned to create customs from NetNGames video tutorials as reading has never been a strength of mine nor something I e
  15. Hmm maybe my advice was too much based off my personal experience, and if it's for general advice I can see that working. Whatever works the best for him is what I should have said having anything to work with is better than nothing, but having the song at hand will always remain on top.
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