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Keltic | ♂ | 21 | ISFJ-T | Orlando, Florida



Ram Jam thank you mam, go Black Betty singin' bam-a-lam
she got the moves to make a mam, simg oh la, oh la yeah

She's poetry in motion, when she's walking thru the door. Now if you ever
loved her, you'll be beggin' her for more. And if you've ever seen her, you
know just what I mean, 'cause Betty's got a body that makes a blind man


Never ask her questions, she'll never tell you lies, 'cause Betty's got a secret
and it's right between her thighs. Some people try to use her, she don't
seem to mind, 'cause when she start to work that thing, she leaves them all


When she walks into the room, she never seems to miss, 'cause Betty's got
the body that you can't resist. She's got the long pretty legs, smooth pretty
thighs. If you ever let her, she'll hit you right between the eyes.




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