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  1. Haha,,,, hard to put a price on this. I started with an old CB kit I wasn't using anymore and converted it to electronic. It's not hard, just time consuming.
  2. At the moment, I'm just using the ion module. I have a bunch of drum modules here including the Alesis I/O, a Yamaha, an Alesis DM10. The drums are just an old CB kit I had and converted them to electronic. Where I'm having issues are the songs I play in real life lol. Muscle memory tells me to do a certain thing but the game wants me to do something else haha
  3. I will try that with my pedal and see if it works. And since I played drums for many years before RB, it's automatic muscle memory for my foot to lift for open hi hat lol
  4. Thanks. Sorry for the late reply. The kit has been apart since this post for renovations but it's back up. That little TV was temporarily lol. I play with a projector on 104". I've added another cymbal to the left to act as " green " and actually wrapped my cymbals in a dark camo pattern. I will take pics and yes, I'll also do a video soon. Thanks again for all the hard work you guys put into making the songs.
  5. Not as crazy as Dash's but this is my new setup.
  6. First, thank you to everyone doing this. What an awesome site! I'd love to learn to make my own songs, maybe 1 day I'll understand lol. As a real drummer, I got bored playing on RB drums ( even with the cymbals ). So I took an old kit and went to town with it. Converted it to electronic and used my old electronic cymbals. Right away, it was a lot more fun but being a real drummer, I still struggled with a few notes. The open HH on the ride was messing me up and the yellow as a crash. So I added more to my kit. Added 2 more cymbals for yellow crash and added a ride next to my HH for the open no
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