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  1. You'd need to delete the song cache every time you change something for those changes to show up.
  3. For some reason, the Fast Startup code only skips the MTV screen (well, it briefly flashes for a moment then goes away) and doesn't affect the Harmonix or Backbone screens, at least for me. I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong, as I copied it all directly from the OP.
  4. I see it in the database once I view oscarj08's link as well. My main concern is the fact that despite releasing today, @KrisAngel's version of the song doesn't get pushed to the front page of the database when organized by upload date; it essentially gets lost in a version of the song that hasn't been updated in five years, and no one would even know it was made unless they viewed KrisAngel's designated thread.
  5. Can't figure out how to comment on the new database, but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU @Kloporte!!!! Absolutely cannot wait to play this
  6. For example, KrisAngel recently released a full-band version of Twentieth Century Fox by The Doors, but the only way to access it is within oscarj08's drum-only version from 2015. The upload date still reads November 2, 2015 despite KrisAngel's version releasing today, and even when viewing the song's page, it still only shows as being a drum-only custom.
  7. Incredible work - great QOTSA choice, and I can't wait for more Devo and The Flaming Lips to hit the database! I also just reread your post and realized even more QOTSA is coming!! Praying for Another Love Song or The Sky is Fallin'!
  8. Basically, I run Rock Band 3 from a USB Loader and an ISO - I would use the disc directly, but my console always shoots out an error upon loading it. However, this has caused me to consider the idea of directly modifying the ISO to add/change album art for songs that either don't have them (Radar Love, I Got You) or songs that have inaccurate art (Whip It, Outer Space). However, I've been unable to access the contents of the ARK files within the Wii ISO, even after using ARKTool and ArchiveExplorer, and am at a point where I'm unsure if what I'm attempting is even possible. Is there a way to m
  9. Holy shit, you are a machine and frankly insane in the best way possible. Keep up the great work.
  10. Am I wrong or wasn't this already charted? EDIT: https://dl.c3universe.com/558087970f9de
  11. What, that one was perfectly playable! Just needed to mute the TV and make up the song you were really playing in your head. 😁
  12. Keep up the great work guys!! Wish I could help in some other way, but alas, the website would still be down if it were in my hands!
  13. Another legend gone...I hope he's jamming with Neil Peart as we speak. Might be too busy giving the devil a run for his money though :,)
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