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  1. Added Powerage tracks with modified guitar, pitched vocals, new audio and tempo maps, new song ID on all tracks.
  2. The first thing I want to do here is to thank the missing funkydunkleman for all of the hard work he has done with the AC/DC catalog and want to say, this is simply me trying to add to his work, it is not to replace his customs, and these will not be added to the database. I have reached out multiple times asking for his permission to do this but have had no responses. Funky did an excellent job at splitting Angus and Malcolm, putting Malcolms parts on keys. Unfortunately for players like me, it sometimes left the lead guitar a little short. I have gone through each of the charts here and h
  3. Van Halen pack to be released one by one, please see OP
  4. Martin Birch Tribute pack to be released later today - OP updated with preview vid
  5. On August 9th we lost Music Producer Martin Birch. In honor of his passing we have put some packs on hold to make a Martin Birch pack. We still have our ZZ Top Pack 1 being released any day now but have moved others back for the following pack. Martin Birch was key to some of the best Metal rock of the 80's including bands such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Whitesnake, and Rainbow to name a few, soooooo Keep on the lookout for our Martin Birch pack (hopefully within the next 2 weeks) Iron Maiden - Die With Your Boots On Rainbow - Temple Of The King Blue Oyster Cult -
  6. ..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4QPXmbc5cc .https://youtu.be/PXY7f1QkLX8 .https://youtu.be/KDsk2IfBYQw
  7. Previous Releases [spoiler=Billy Squier Pack] Billy Squier was the personification of early 80's rock music, with five Top 10 Rock hits from 1981 to 1984 and three consecutive platinum albums. His best selling album, 1981's Don't Say No is considered a landmark release in the arena rock genre. He is first and foremost, a rocker, and his music carries as much Rolling Stones in its DNA as it does Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin. He's a solid and memorable songwriter whose hooks grab your ear, his songs are powered by killer guitar riffs. Since leaving the music business in the 90's, his music ha
  8. Van Halen Pack So for the 7 of you that watched our video last release, you are expecting a 5 song Van Halen pack today. Unfortunately we found some issues with some of it and real life has limited our time to fix them So instead we will be releasing them as they are fixed starting today with Feel Your Love https://youtu.be/5N4Ft6u6dyI Thank you for understanding
  9. We are proud to bring to the team a youngin' (SomeOldGuys and a young buck?) Lately we have been working closely with IaSg14 from the Clone Hero community. Some of you are familiar with his work. He is an excellent guitar author and will be joining the team. He already has an extensive collection of customs for CloneHero, and we will be spending some time converting those into Cons. He will also be helping us tackle new projects! - I am very excited to have him aboard! Some of his right away contributions will include Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain Rainbow - Temple Of The King Bl
  10. Finally got this one of our back - it has been haunting us for some time Hope you enjoy - on to the next!
  11. We have some singles, Billy Squier Pack, ZZ Top pack, and an Arc Angels pack currently in the works and will be picking up the Kiss Alive 2 project some more - stay tuned! And as always - see something you would like to help with on our list - please reach out to one of us!
  12. Well if you hadn't noticed - we finally got that Aerosmith pack released!! Here are the visuals Thank you to Sr.Moog for the excellent Vocal work on this! A big thanks to AJFone23 for the use of his Drum Track here!
  13. Welcome aboard Mr Prezident to the Collab group. Prez will be adding keys and helping with vocals. Pleasure having you aboard. Almost done with the Aerosmith guys - be patient! Now I need to change our avatar. lol
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