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  1. Sorry haven't been on some time, and also got distracted by trying to find this fucking 'token' that does not exist on my profile mage, to say a thank you to the dude who put put up Budgie's breadfan!!! (Rick Flair voice) "Whooooo!" that song rocks, was awesome to hear form the game "Brutal Legand." Thank you for the reply!!!!! I will diff. read it, and try to apply this knowledge, since it's my Bday, and my only plans are to get wildly drunk with the misuses and sing my terrible heart out, and make the neighbors pay for their vulgar taste in popular music.
  2. Gotta click on the replies for answer...wait...this is a link not for another site. Sorry; apparently the link on this domain does not work to the custom database, link here thanks to the Ps3 master for sharing. I have no idea if it is going to be linked, but seems like work in progress. https://db.c3universe.com/songs/rb3
  3. Man I am going to be real with you, just go with an xbox 360, it saved me about 1000x times the headache. I'm surprised I didn't get a knock form the neighbors about all my throwing pillows, and swearing about crashing and songs not working. Here are some of my recommendations. 1. You can buy an Xbox for like $25-50, and the non madcatz (has to be that) game for like $5-15, then get a flash drive (with cord cause you are going to be plugging it into the front - you need to do this b/c otherwise it raeds the back as a n extra mic and messes up your score. So: mic front, drive front, mic ba
  4. (scottish voice) The manual is utter 'shite. There, said it. So, fellow band'ers need help. Was playing Road Challenges (2 mics. nothing else), and after the 1st leg of the journey (100 on stars/spades on hard), just 0 spades for the rest of it. So, would greatly appreciate a breakdown on what some of those fucking descriptions mean, cause whomever wrote it can lick my hot, sweaty, post-workout balls. * "Overdrive Overdose." Earn your bonus by deploying Overdrive as many times as possible. It doesn't matter how long each Overdrive deployment lasts - the greater the number of Overdrive
  5. I was just think about this the other day. Given that Harmonix --I applied for one of their jobs, and seriously if the interview tanks I really, just want to lay it into them on how bad they F* everything up-- is almost declaring bankruptcy, you would think they woul dmove to a almost steam business model. Here are my thoughts: 1. DC3 only has like 56 moves which can be broken into 2, or 4 count and right side or left. So, really it could be done with a janky video editor like program. 2. all music has a 4 beat, and unless you are dealing with salsa or jungle (which leans towards a 3 count to
  6. I always ask for directions. you meet interesting people that way and get, honestly, a ton more free drugs that way. like %20 of the time. that just makes economic sense really, i mean, come on, drugs are more expensive than milk and gas. that's beer money right there. although...you do have to keep talking to them for at least 15min, don't want to be impolite..and the people who are offering freebies are normally total weirdo's. its jus tlike that dude at the bar who buys you a free drink...but with 100% more sketchiness.
  7. invalidxzero, are you referring to the "Epiphone Les Paul S" kinda setup that you play a real guitar, and it has some type of game functionality or a guide? If so that's great!! I was going to recommend something like that, that I have seen around, and I beleive it would be fantastic for anyone who wants to learn how to really play. Honestly, I would have killed for something like that, were you have direct feedback, and kinda a 'gime guide'...god I hated my guitar teacher. Making kids play tedious chords again, and again, is just mind numbing torture...no wonder kids don't even get good till
  8. glad someone (southern drawl) 'finds, my trials and tribulations' humorous. have spent all day dealing with 1 song that was crashing the entire 2777 library. fuck you bill withers - use me!!! Seriously, the dta. editor is crap. Have never gotten it to offer the option of deleting entry AND file. I'm seriously thinking of only doing PS3 customs as a passive aggressive protest when I get my stuff together for that. However, right now I have a bottle of aquifit to kill because it is gross, and I will never believe any millennial booze blogger ever again, bad buy. Should have learned my lesson
  9. Got a .dta file that refuses to go over 1279, out of 2678 converted files in my songs to merge folder. It was just creating backups of songs (using same settings each time when converting in batches of 100 which - sucks BTW you would think just letting it run overnight would be fine, but when did that lost out on like 500 songs, but gained 3000 in duplicates). Screw that! As it is wayyy over the 2952 limit, and to remove each duplicate would take forever, dying at my desk is not the way I want to go. Attempted fix: Trying a blank .dta file in merged, with no songs, and all the songs in son
  10. hum. something to think about. I'm just one of those types of people who, especially, when it comes to programs; wants to know what exactly is going on. And, having it where random stuff happens drives be batshit insane. I had the "songs to merge" file just disappear yesterday, and still having the dta file add doubles is a constant WTF? So, at this time doing converts in batches of 100, and going to do the merge at the final end instead of merge after each batch on convo. let's hope this works out. If I didn't say it before, thanks for your time to help a dude out. Actually I am wimping out
  11. to answer #1 everything was going fine. was doing converting in groups of 100, got up to 1200, and so far only had 5 songs just disappear (WTF is up witht that! no duplicates anywhere deleted any and poof songs are gone). converting would be from con with merge option, never had a less that 100%, and then delete all 100 from con folder as I go. .dta file NOW refuses to update, and now has duplicates. How did you do yours? I have a total of 2792cons and 83 on PS3. I would then transfer thru FTP all merged songs every 400. But, now I am royaly fucked. and even trying to switch the 1200 into: son
  12. first thank you for the reply. So, for your .dta file is it normal for multiple instances of a single song? I mean I'm just still trying to figure out the math of this and ho to fix it. Do we have a secret collective of Ps3 owners who have fixed songs so that they do not freeze that I can join. Is there a secret handshake.
  13. Awesome work! with the ability to play customs songs. 2 mics and tons of booze and GF and I are very, very happy. But, before I even attempt to start doing my own customs and pay it back , there are some serious problems that I need some help with, and will try to compose as clear as possible (PS I am not a serious guy so I try to at least come off funny). 1. Am over the 3000 limit, but have no idea how this is so (working backward here). Quickpack editor shows 5033 songs, which has multiple instances of the same song (What?). Now, that is coming from 2,777 songs from my merged folder of w
  14. I know I had to search for this, and it was gone. thank god I had it saved on my phone. or it would not come up. I have no idea why it was like....deleted. glad to have found it.
  15. all at sea breadfan parents slipaway are their best work, seriously amazing songs with complex, hard driving instrumentals and fun deep vocals. oh. my. god it would be great if someone did those songs.
  16. First, thank you anyone who reads this, or is interested. The highlight of my weekend is getting rip-roaring drunk, and thinking I can sing...I cannot, but I will damn near try with 2 mics, with usb converters -- seriously get a real mic ($20), and a mic 3pin female > USB 10ft cord ($12), was a game changer for us over the sure usb mic (POS). Before I start, I've noticed that you can skirt around HARMONIX REAL DLC by using remixes (as they are nto the licenced songs to their catalogue), and oregional versions, is that addressed anywhere? I think it should be discussed cause there are ver
  17. I've noticed that song songs have the "_rb3con" and a ton (on this site for he xbox360 download) do not. Looked thru the faq, and didn't see if this is a problem. Is it? I have a ps3 and used contools for the convert types 3 encryption to ntsc, and for most songs it is awesome, but for like a 3rd just does not work. would that be a simple problem that needs fixing?
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