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  1. The music store on Xbox 360 is back! I bought some pro guitar upgrades the other day.
  2. Thanks for more info, guess I do not need to contact them to add to the fire. Yes, I know that I can go on the Microsoft store and locate the songs I want to buy, but props if you can direct me to a web page where I can buy a pro upgrade for songs that I already own because they are only in the store as $1.99 for the base song without an upgrade option.
  3. Thanks for confirming that it was not just me. I might just write Harmonix directly and see what is happening. I went back and looked and I bought some songs from the store on July 17th, 2020. I can't seem to find a way to purchase pro upgrades on Microsoft.com or through the Xbox catalog
  4. How long is forever? I bought some songs from the Rock Band store directly in July two months ago. I know the method to go on Microsoft's store, but it doesn't have the option to buy the pro guitar and bass from there.
  5. Yesterday and the day before, I tried to connect to the Xbox Rock Band Store both through the music store app downloaded and straight from the RB3 game and it said that the music store is offline, please try again later. I attempted this with Title Update 5 and my internet connection tested fine; is this happening with anybody else?
  6. A cheaper route may be to look at your local thrift stores, yard sales, craigslist, etc. These will be rarer but every now and then they pop up. Last week I saw a PS3 wireless Fender guitar with some scratches that still worked at Goodwill for $7. Unfortunately I don't have a PS3. I guess it depends on how desperate you are to find them; they are readily available on eBay but are more expensive, secondhand stores and marketplace ads are usually cheaper but will take longer.
  7. In my opinion it looks like a 5-bubble rating. It looks pretty tough but not as tough as something like Beast and the Harlot (drum rating is devil) because that song is around the same tempo and it has off-beat kicks.
  8. Hi rubydanger, That seemed to do the trick, thank you! I simply changed it to 2/2 and now it seems to work. For those that may be reading this, Magma has no problem compiling with a 1/1 beat, but CAT doesn't like it.
  9. Hi All, I am hoping somebody can assist me with CAT. It is a special case that is not mentioned on other forum posts that I could read. I was trying to perform reductions, but that and none of the other CAT functions are working in my particular song. If I open other songs I've charted it still works, so I know it must be something with this song and not with CAT. Some forum posts had checklists that I went through and it did not fix it. When running the MIDI through Magma, there were no errors in it other than vocal phrase markers are missing (I did not create them yet). I went over the s
  10. I finished this song, take a look at it here!
  11. You stated that your Beat's last and ONLY note is at 56.2.00, is what you are saying that you do not have the rest of the beat on the track? If it is 4/4 which most songs are, it should look like this. If it is the case already, I'm not sure yet what could be the problem.
  12. Hi lifeismusic5, This will be released very soon, perhaps even by this weekend! You are in good hands as I have done the full score on this one - guitar, bass, drums, keys, pro keys, vocals, and harmonies. Hi hardcore drummer, It was not on the album, I simply recorded the 3-second intro with Audacity and added it to reaper in the audio track.
  13. I think it is up to you as the charter, for the song I am creating now, Bob Ross Remixed (This is your World):, I kept the 3-second introduction that is in the YouTube video, but the MP3 that I purchased did not have it.
  14. It sounds like a 5 rating to me, but I haven't actually seen the chart. What I try to do is base it closely to how Harmonix itself rates their official songs and I combine it with mainly the speed of the song and kick petal abundance. I don't play drums in real life but I am pretty good at them on the game, which may make me the opposite of you and rate the songs harder than what is expected. For example, Walk of Life is a 0 rating but Pumped up Kicks is rated 3, so I think kick petals and beat irregularity plays a big part in how it is rated.
  15. Thank you for the information all, I am pretty embarrassed that the RBHP is new information to me, I will have to look into this more.
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