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  1. Can someone please clarify if that means E-drums (like an Alesis Nitro Mesh) will work with just the Mad Catz Pro Drum/Key/Guitar Midi adapter? Or is the PDP legacy adapter still required for Xbox Series X. I haven't had time to rig up the Wireless RB2 drum brain workaround, and I'm sure as hell not paying $1000 for one of those adapters on eBay that look like somebody rode it hard and put it away wet... Anyways; here's to hoping for another batch of legacy adapters 🤞
  2. Forgot to mention this bit: I always lose track of time playing RB3 nowadays and forget to mention just how f***ing awesome every single one of you custom creators are I won't single out any specific creators on this post, because you all brought me a jumbo slice of happiness that my life really needed!
  3. But it'd be super appreciated!!! Also, I think People, Let's Stop the War - GFR is kind of right for the atmosphere right about meow. One Love Yall
  4. I agree!!! Anything from Never Turn Your Back On A Friend would be amazing.
  5. Anything Budgie... Here are a few that first come to mind: -I Turn to Stone -Guts -Stranded -Napoleon Bona (part 1 or 2 or both?!) I'm going to attempt to author a drum track for at least one of these... don't laugh at the results.... Happy 20th of April to all!! 😁
  6. If anyone charts this mainly the drums and guitar for Xbox 360... You'll be my favorite person
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