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  1. I'm getting the Forbidden Page at FoF, and was a registered user over there. Any idea how to fix?
  2. Hi everyone, I was able to get some of the Beatles songs fixed from the loop ending. Please see the below link for the ones I was able to fix. These are the un-encrypted MIDI files that you can use to replace the existing ones and encrypt to either PAL or NTSC. https://drive.google...N3O?usp=sharing That said, I'm having trouble with the below tracks and am hoping someone can step up and provide a fixed MIDI for these: Beatles - Poly/Bath Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There Beatles - Do You Want to Know a Secret? Beatles - Yesterday CCR - Commotion It'd be great to get these working
  3. Can't wait for the rest of this album. I hope it's still coming.
  4. You have the right idea...those are great picks, each and every track.
  5. Any update on the Stadium Arcadium collaboration? This is such a great and underrated album. Frusciante's swan song with RHCP.
  6. @Spike1958 Any chance you can upload the fixed MIDI's for the Beatles (and CCR) songs that you've fixed?
  7. That would be amazing. I may reach out to you via PM, as I seem to have found some other problematic songs.
  8. This is fantastic. I'm new to the community, but will do my best to donate as much as possible. Nate
  9. I've gotta say, this is the most exciting WIP list I've seen. I'm a huge GNR fan and cannot wait for all of those, especially Estranged, as I'm sure others are. I also love that you're finishing stuff from Arctic Monkeys AM. That's one of my favorite albums in the last 10 years or so.
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