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  1. I would love to see a custom for BTS - Dynamite with Pro Guitar.
  2. I would love to see a custom for BTS - Dynamite with Pro Guitar.
  3. All of this is correct and it still stops at 255. Now I've encountered a new problem it's only making .app files. Did I mess something up as to why it's now no longer making .bin files Edit: I fixed the new problem it's making the .bin files now.
  4. Hey so I have a question about RB3 Wii custom songs. I know how to make them and get them working in the game. My question is about the command program that makes the .app & .bin files. After 255 it stops making .bin files and only makes .app files. Am I doing something wrong? Why after 255 it stops creating the .bin files. Can someone help me?
  5. Ok thanks!! Also I forgot to add this but Green Day - Baby Eyes pro guitar as well.
  6. Green Day - X - Kid Yes I am aware that X - Kid is already available but I wanted pro guitar. So can someone please add pro guitar to X - Kid. Shawn Mendes - Crazy When you chart this could you also add/chart pro guitar as well.
  7. So I'm getting the mustang pro guitar. I have a question about the RB3 DLC. Correct me if I'm wrong but the DLC songs had a pro guitar/bass upgrade you could buy. Basically you'd buy a patch that gave whatever song it was pro guitar/bass. So my question is I have RB3 on the Wii and everything is dead. So I can't buy any DLC for the game. Now I have the DLC setlist rip on my PC that I can put into the game. Does anyone know if all the songs have the pro guitar upgrade? And the same goes for Green Day. Green Day Rock Band didn't have pro guitar. But on RB3 you were able to buy the pro upgrade fo
  8. Taylor Swift - The 1 Taylor Swift - Cardigan Taylor Swift - The Last Great American Dynasty Taylor Swift - Exile (Ft. Bon Iver) Taylor Swift - August
  9. I'd love to see I Prevail - DOA charted. Now that's a song I want.
  10. Hello so I'm getting Into RB3 Customs on the Wii Version. The problem I'm having Is getting the customs to show up In the game. I've followed the Wii RB3 Customs tutorial step by step beginning to end word for word. When I put my Sd Card Into my Wii and boot up the game. It proceeds to load then It ask me something along the lines of If I want to use the Sd Card at which point I click yes. It says please wait then the menu comes up at which point I select my profile then nothing happens. I believe after selecting your profile In the top left It's suppose have that window you know like "loading
  11. Now that I'm so sorry but I can't answer I dont play RB3 I'm more of a 6 Fret Clone Hero guy. And I don't want to give you any false Info simply cause I don't know. Again sorry.
  12. I would like to request the song Cool Kids By Echosmith. Not the original obviously because there Is a custom chart already available on this site and there's the GHTV chart out there. Plus I have both charts already. The version I would like charted Is the cover by Kenzie Nimmo. This Is the version I would like
  13. American Football - I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional Block B - Her Danielle Bradbery - Dance Hall Danielle Bradbery - Young In America Danielle Bradbery - I Will Never Forget You Family Of The Year - Hero
  14. OMG yes I agree I love to see the whole album 'Lover' be charted as well.
  15. Song request Taylor Swift - Lover
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