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  1. I can send you the modified mid files. You can send me a pm with your email and I can send them to you. I do not have access to a 'cloud' site for d/l.
  2. Ah, now I see. Anyway, I created a new wav file at 16KHz mono for the dryvox in Goldwave and it worked. Smell Like Nirvana, When Will I Be Loved and Stacy's Mom all work now.
  3. Hey Shroud sorry to bug you again. When I use Phase Shift, it has 'Use guitar.ogg' as a default option. If I run it without that checked, it creates something called song.ogg. They are different sizes. Is there a difference in using one over the other. Also when I run Magma, it automatically creates a wav file from the ogg file, so if I used an existing wav file, it would just use that I guess. When I hit create it said that the Dry Vocal track sample rate had to be at 16khz. There is an option on the Phase Shift Converter about Downmix to Stereo Quality. It was defaulted to 5, should
  4. So I opened Magma(yaa, something new to learn), and dragged Smell Like Nirvana onto it. It extracted everything, and then said that the mogg file was encrypted. I then tried 3 Marlenas. Also encrypted. Both of these are single track audio. Is this an authoring option? or is there something else I need to do? Magma also asked for my Authoring ID, which it said was on my profile, but the number on the profile was not accepted.
  5. These songs had to be manually fixed in Reaper Radio Gaga(Live Aid) by Queen Neutron Dance by Pointer Sisters Life in the Fast Lane by Eagles-again V2-original port worked fine Bad by MJ Break Free by Ariana Grande Cheap Sunglasses by Zed Zed Top(I'm Canadian) Dirty Diana by MJ Express Yourself by Madonna Lady by LRB Let's Go by Cars Love Story by Taylor Swift Hammer to Fall(Live Aid) by Queen Hey Soul Sister by Train I'm So Excited by Pointer Sisters
  6. These songs had to be manually fixed in Reaper Canadian Idiot by Weird Al Hooked on Polkas by Weird Al Jurassic Park by Weird Al Beverly Hillbillies by Weird Al Saga Begins by Weird Al 6 Words Long by Weird Al Nice to Love You by 54-40 Hotel California by Eagles-this is V2. The original port from GHWT had no issues We Are the Champions(Live Aid) by Queen You Need to Calm Down by Taylor Swift Superstar by Carpenters Sunday Girl by Blondie Sexy and I know It by LMFAO Senorita by Shawn Mendez and Camilla Cabello Say You Say Me by Lionel Richie
  7. I will post several times so that each one is not overly long. All these songs have the loop ending issue. I tried correcting them by using the 'fix looping' option in Con Tools. This did not work in the majority of cases. Also, except for a couple, Song Analyzer did not indicate that the midi length was longer than the song length. I'm not convinced this is the issue. The major problem I see is that the Beat track seems to extend past when all the instrument have stopped playing. I reduce the [end] statement in the Event track back to within a beat of when this occurs and then remove the extr
  8. I have one song to add to this list that I could not get to work at all. And it was weird. Sometimes it would play and then loop at the end. Other times it would hard hang the PS3 mid song. And sometimes when selected as a song in a setlist, it would hard hang if I tried to jump to the 'M's on the list. For a while I thought it was in issued with the first song in the 'M's, but that was not the case. Into You by Ariana Grande I tried to loop fix with Con and by looking at the mid in Reaper.
  9. So does CPlayer show you that a song has the PS3 loop issue? If so, I will run all my Customs d/l through that first before I put them on the PS3 and fix it before it gets to the playing stage
  10. I'm sure if I set my mind to it, there are a whole bunch of one-hit-wonders that could be added to RB3 Customs, IF, midi's could be found for them as a starting point. Sausalito is almost the perfect song. Not too fast to sing, easily heard vocals. Distinct guitar, bass and drum parts
  11. OK. I hesitated to do that as I did not want to name and shame if it was a fixable issue. It was Somebody That I Used To Know. I have not run into any others that are doing that. A bunch of looping songs as I am slowly(finally) working my way through all the Customs. It is amazing how many Customs I d/l and then never get to play.
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