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  1. I'm assuming once things are working database wise, credits will be reassigned to people who uploaded tracks? Right now this page says C3 track, but doesn't mention me at all (who created it) - I'm assuming the goal is to eventually fix all those, right? https://db.c3universe.com/song/primal-27312
  2. No problem! I'll do that one (Benton Falls) next, thanks for chiming in RonMob. :-) Not black-metal fast yet... but I have these much faster/complex ones already uploaded: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/marigold-patchwork-r27443 http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/nice-and-blue-part-2-r27457 Thanks for sharing the other clip, but I don't take other than my own currently-being-worked-on requests here. I would post it in the general request forums to get much better visibility.
  3. Never-mind this. I will continue to release tracks as I'm able to. Not enough interest/traffic in a polling system, so I don't see the point. The next track released will be the RIKA track above, and future ones will be released when I'm able to, thanks.
  4. Sorry for the delay. Having trouble sourcing the actual song. I will get to this as soon as I can get a hold of it.
  5. Would be so fun!....I can only do drums, so I'm not sure how fun that would be....
  6. Be sure you are using a flash drive that was formatted first in your Xbox 360... (I'm assuming you are using that system...)
  7. Awesome Beard; I can only do drums...I'll be able to start working on it in the next 1-2 days.
  8. I'm not sure I totally agree, well at least from a MORAL perspective, because it really comes down to the company/artist and if they wish to enforce the letter of the law in the case of something they don't earn profit from anymore, SOME just consider it themselves as Abandonware. As one site put it, "By pirating it you're actually taking a benefit without hurting anyone since, as you said, the company that sold it is dead. If it's no longer sold and no longer supported, then it's abandonware. It's still protected under copyright laws and technically illegal, but I don't feel it's morally wron
  9. He did mention, "If not seeing as the store doesn't work on the Wii and I can't buy anything." - since something isn't available to purchase legally, while being sought out, is it really pirating?
  10. Same here. Music first all the way. That doesn't mean I won't chart overdrives/fills, Auto-EMH and review lower difficulties, etc..but I really don't enjoy doing those things, it's the biggest hang-up for me getting stuff released. I even enjoy tempo-mapping compared to those things... I also play on Pro Instruments (Drums). My wife plays drums on medium for most stuff though so I have to be conscious of that at least.
  11. Two in a row though? Then someone told me I needed to sync a guitar, and I've NEVER had a guitar sync'd to this system since I've had it, so maybe...? (I still don't have a guitar controller to try it, I play only drums/vocals on this Xbox 360 since I've owned it.)
  12. Thanks, that worked! This is the track BTW - fans of old-school (late 90's EMO) may like/love this track! http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/marigold-patchwork-r27443
  13. I feel stupid, but I can't figure out the formatting and it keeps rejecting it; even with the instructions given. Ended up putting the URL IN the post itself... tried everything I THINK it's saying to do...apparently I'm thick. What is the proper format/text for putting in your 2x bass drum pedal track URL in this box?
  14. New song released today (not in Poll), classic old-school emo favorite of mine: Appleseed Cast - Marigold & Patchwork (as always, drums only at time of release) http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/marigold-patchwork-r27443
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