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  1. Apparently, this happened to everyone. I can't find mine either, although I luckily saved it as a password on Chrome. The website updated and the tokens seem to have been removed. Unless you wrote it down or keep it saved as a password like I did, that token won't show up until they update it again to show corresponding tokens. It sucks...
  2. In regards to White Lion's cover of "Radar Love", are you using the cover audio from GH80s or the real audio?
  3. T. Rex you say? Is it a particular song that is getting a long anticipated original version custom????
  4. I REALLY hope so. If anything, I hope the database comes back before Chart-a-Thon or whatever charting marathon for charity starts. Even then, I'm still eagerly patient for its return.
  5. Since the song is a re-recording, can the custom for Teenage Dirtbag stay in the database when it returns? Just a simple question, tis all.
  6. This Week's DLC (10/13/2020) Go Radio - Any Other Heart (RBN) Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag (2020 Re-recording)
  7. That post was actually just random guesses I made for what's to come. PowerBallads said we could make guesses and so I did. I should've looked at the "database" before making my predictions whoops.
  8. TBH, I was the one who suggested "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Also, database is dead but someone had a link to the C3 Control Panel that had all of the customs and I found that song so sorry about that 😕
  9. Re-checked the customs on the C3 control panel and yes. Someone has already made Do They Know It's Christmas...I thought I was gonna get one right LOL 😭
  10. Yeah, ignore my previous comment; I clearly didn't read the whole thing LOL. October 26th - Shut Up and Dance by Aerosmith October 27th - Who Let the Dogs Out? by Baha Men October 28th - Khe Sanh by Cold Chisel October 29th - Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid IDK honestly October 30th - Hocus Pocus by Focus
  11. Is it okay if I make some guesses to songs? Would love to try
  12. Wow, I never noticed! Thanks for sharing! However, I think this only includes songs uploaded on C3, so maybe no songs uploaded from MediaFire or alternate sources? I could be dumb; need to double-check. EDIT: Nevermind, it also includes alternate sources! I think that means every song that was uploaded (and not taken down) are there! Yay!!
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