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  1. So there's a midi note for percussion (well two - one left, one right). On one of my very first customs I tried to use it but either Midi Cleaner didn't like it or Magma didn't (IIRC it was Midi Cleaner, which took it upon itself to remove the notes, but I am not sure). So before I go off and do it again, I thought I'd do some research. The official RBN authoring docs list the existence of these percussion notes in the full animation list, but don't really talk about percussion anywhere else in the drum authoring section. Basically the drummer is doing very little (a slow 4 on the floor),
  2. Oh please do bring "This Will Be Our Year" to fruition!!!
  3. Hey FujiSkunk, how did you make the link to all of your customs in your sig? I would like to do that (to get rid of the lower section in my top post), and I thought I could just do a search in "customs" and use the results URL, but no go. EDIT: well, I just copied your URL and put in my Author ID. Seems to work.
  4. The way it worked out for me is I have two RB3 discs -- one MadCatz and one EA. I take out my customs flash drive and use the MadCatz disc when I want to go online and buy content, then switch disks and put in my drive to play!
  5. That's a great chart! I wish they were a bit more consistent in the conventions (this, and things like "PART [instrument]" everything except HARM... etc). But that Harmonix created RBN at all (allowing for everythingthat has flowed from it, like this fantastic site from what I understand) is such a great thing, I won't quibble too much.
  6. I did, by total accident. Up til then I was like "ok, I figured out how to extract things" and as I was realizing I didn't know how to put parts back together outside of an entire Magma remake, I accidentally dropped during a drag and boom ;-) Thank you, though, there're a lot of little tricks to pick up and not all of them are obvious or well documented
  7. Thank you...!! I realize it's kind of a simple thing, but when you read the Harmonix docs, it's left unclear. Especially since there's a lot of inconsistency (like crowd_normal/crowd_intense/crowd_mellow.... but no "normal" for play).
  8. Question I only saw sort of addressed tangentially when I searched, and wasn't clear. [play] is used to have the character not just stand around idling, yes. But is it actually a *style* of play? i.e. could it be described as "playing normal"? I'm charting back and forths between [intense] and [play] and as I was doing so I suddenly wondered if that actually made a difference, or if I needed to switch between [intense] and [mellow] to actually cause a change in animation behavior.
  9. Actually... and I may need to go outside this thread for the answer, BUT. Once you extract a midi file from a con, how the heck to do you get it rebundled in?
  10. Oh! I knew about the DTA extractor (and quick editor), but I didn't know the midi file could be extracted. Now I see that option... sweet!!
  11. Got weird errors that didn't make sense on harmonies for Taos by Menomena, so despite charting them, the initial upload will be lead vocals only. Unfortunately, as noted, I had a catastrophic backup-less loss of the working files for the stuff I had CONs for already, o fixing small stuff may be impossible (unless people know ways to "unpack" the con to its constituent parts?)
  12. This is a strange one (I have to imagine). So I built this midi from the C3 template. The song has Pro Keys (and all difficulties/reductions). It also has three harmony parts. Everything seems to look good in the original midi file itself: track titles were checked and OK. But both the C3 Midi cleaner and Magma see the PART REAL_KEYS_X as a second HARM2 track. (1) if I export midi from Reaper and put it straight into Magma, it apparently sees the Lane Shift instructions in the Pro Keys Expert track as an attempt to set a tonic note for HARM2 and "fails". (2) if I use the Midi Clean
  13. I had this error too (just today)... and there is nothing in my EVENTS track at the measure with the issue. That said, it fixed itself when I re-Exported the midi from Reaper. Go fig!
  14. That didn't reveal anything but I found a fix -- once I have the WAV converted from ogg, render it again (not convert it with a file converter, but use a DAW render process, e.g. Reaper). It remakes the WAV from its audio contents, not from its contents+metadata like a file converter does. Net effect, a file Magma likes!
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