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  1. Hey is it possible to be more specific? Which console are you using is the main thing that will be important. However if you are using Playstation, then there is no way for you to fix the custom, although there is a way for the person who uploaded it to fix it. They would just need to recompile the song (assuming they have the files still) at Audio Level 3 instead of 5. Although if you are on Xbox or Wii then I don't know how to help but maybe others would be able to assist.
  2. In the Merged Songs folder, you also need to make sure you have a blank file in notepad saved named songs.dta (make sure to save under all formats). DW I made the same mistake first time also
  3. Honestly if it reaches over like 220 bpm, Reaper auto wants to half time it and I agree, the game looks really ugly at high tempos. So yeah set it to 155bpm and from my knowledge unless you have 32nd notes you really shouldn't run into any issues. I hope that helps
  4. If something is truely swung, honestly go for the triplet option and not the swung one. Most swung songs will use this and it saves having to swap all the time, plus reaper will make the note lengths all weird if you use the swing option. Also almost all hip-hop is swung 16ths so yeah do the same for that too (although swung 16ths is barely noticeable to most people)
  5. Woah these all look great, I can't take a photo to save my life, hands too shaky ha ha. But yeah these look great.
  6. Ah I see, yeah but almost all the songs in my WIP aren't being worked on/had any progress, it is both a WIP and a Wishlist tbh, but there is a couple I have started that are not passed over, I will fix that when I get the time
  7. I genuinely don't know what you mean by this sorry. I would love to and I am a keys charter, but, I genuinely have so much WIPs that are in progress, if you managed to do all the other parts, then I could maybe see how hard it would be to add in the keys, but I have just been caught up with stuff so don't really count on it right now sorry
  8. Yeah places where the kick is plays a big part on difficulty, Personally while listening to the song, it is in that 4 to 5 dot category, without seeing the chart no way of really knowing tho. Also I did notice you said keys no part (not just missing) but there is keys (not that this is important to the matter at hand)
  9. if you see at the top above your audio, there will be a blue line, if you zoom your whole thing out, you can right click and drag, all the dots on this blue line then hit delete. That will reset the tempo map.
  10. Generally my rule with orchestra's is see what is in them and chart it based on that but for the standard no real guitar/bass, just string section, brass section, WW, percussion Strings - Guitar Brass/WW (whichever is the main part) - Keys Bass Strings - Bass Percussion (whichever is prominent and playable) - Drums You can swap these around and do Brass on guitar for example but if there is like an actual keyboard, definitely put that on keys. Although once you have chosen a part for a part(s) do not change it(them) mid song (don't give the keys WW for one section, only to then give it to g
  11. Hi, the limit to songs with RB3 has to do with the entire game, not just a DTA, I am unsure what would happen if you tried to put dlc in other folders, but I think it would cause many errors and red flags. But even if it did work, there is no point because the song limit is still the same. Also nice to see more PS3 players, while a few songs don't work here and there for us, we have the ability to still play online, so if you are ever interested in playing, hit me up and we could sort out a time
  12. Make sure the switch is in the middle for K for keyboard. Also it could be a simple issue of having a bad midi cable, I had to replace mine recently PC mode would not be needed to go into Midi mode
  13. Are we allowing customs? Well I will assume we are Guitar (I don't really play metal so I don't know much but for me) Rainbow in the Dark - Dio Roundabout - Yes Free Bird - Lynard Skynard (sorry if those are generic answers) Bass (I especially don't have many customs or DLC that is hard for bass that aren't video games) Not to toot my own horn but a song that I still don't want to reveal the name of, but it is part of my ska pack is the hardest bass song I have played, but since you even download it and want actual answers let me give a different one Antibodies - Poni Hoax Endless Possibi
  14. Yeah no there is only 1 guitar here, played well but only one guitar. So yeah just make it one part.
  15. Updated this to be relevant
  16. This is a take that doesn't agree with me even slightly, NSPs Covers are imo some of the actual worst cover versions out there. (I like the band, heck I did the pro keys for 10 songs at this point for it, but unironically Under the Covers Vol 1 is the worst album I have personally listened to [out of about 300 now] all the way through, follwed by vol 2, then then Globe - Big Audio Dyanamite [Rush is a fantastic song, that is it, the rest is trash] and then Vol.3 of under the covers.) About the cover versions, if it is a harmonix cover, I generally don't like it because it is just trying to
  17. I think you still should because that is funny tbh. But listening to the song, the same chorus, I think a second track of the lead is on those yell parts which you could also put to the harm 2 track maybe? It is ultimately your call tho
  18. Man I guess I am super slow, been charting for about since October and only have 12 charts to my name, that said that doesn't include all the keys charts I have made for people or all the burnout I get, which is a lot so it is probably more accurately takes me 5 to 7 days. That said I triple check everything and make my own venue and I always have an issue with the CAT reduction. This can vary, my last song took me 1 whole day but another one I am still working on has taken well over a week and it still isn't done)
  19. Personally I just get the whole format and project given to me/ give back with the parts I've done. No need to just give over just the drums either way really. If you get given the project and the audio, just do the drums save it under a different name (e.g NameOfSong_Drums) and then just give it back (you don't even need to give the audio back). They can simply copy and paste, or just use it if they have made no progress since giving it to you. This is also a good thing to do because sometimes people miss things on their other tracks. I am always happy if more eyes are on the things I do.
  20. Ok let me explain how all of these work Firstly even though you have 2 people on the singing microphone, that is still considered 1 player by the games standard. "Overdrive Overdose" - Just use overdrive at anytime as soon as you get it "Streakmania" - Hit as many notes as you can without either missing one OR hitting a note that doesn't exist. For vocals all that is needed is to perfect each section in a row, after enough successful ones you will get a spade "Share the Spotlight" - This is based on the streaking as above, but once your player successfully pulls off a streak, it will go to
  21. I haven't actually heard that one before, but I am going to chart all of spirit phone, already started on Life Time Achievement Award
  22. Added Ever Fallen in Love, the single I have complete for Pride (first time I have made a custom Visualizer also)
  23. Updated this to be relevant
  24. PS3, never owned an Xbox, but you are also about to play online very easily with it. The only limits are a couple songs that people didn't chose the correct audio settings for, most have been fixed, but there is a few that are just kaputt forever. Also helps that i have the really early version of PS3 that makes hacking it way easier.
  25. Have not played guitar hero in forever, and barely touched 4 lol, will just do the main 3 and LEGO RB1 Best: Highway Star - Deep Purple Worst: New Wave - Pleymo (or for those without European, Train Kept A-Rollin - [as made famous by] Aerosmith Underrated: Electric Version - The New Pornographers RB2 Best: That's What You Get - Paramore Worst: Visions - Abnormality Underrated: New Kid In School - The Donnas RB3 Best: The Con - Tegan And Sara Worst: Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter Underrated: Viva La Resistance - Hypernova LEGO Best: Swing Swing - AAR Worst: Rooftops - Lost Prophets (tho
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