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  1. are you doing The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project of the Magical Mystery Tour Album

  2. It’s only been a few days since the last pack, but packs are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup, and with that, we’re proud to welcome you back this time for something a little different. Welcome to “John Day 01”. Released to commemorate what would have been John Lennon’s 80th birthday, this pack is not only our first pack that focuses on a specific member of the band, but also introduces our first solo career release into The Beatles Rock Band. Introducing: “John Day 01” Let’s kick off the pack by learning the story of Julia. Music Video: https://streamab
  3. Welcome to the next pack released by The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project Team, this time, we are going back and revisiting the album that inspired one of our earliest packs, to bring you “With the Beatles Revisited”. With the release of this pack, 5 more songs from “With the Beatles” joins The Beatles Rock Band library, bringing us up to 10 songs from that album in-game, along with making half of the main Beatles Discography playable! Introducing – “With the Beatles Revisited” Trailer: https://streamable.com/geejbl Waiting for more songs to play in your copy of The B
  4. I use an RGH Xbox 360. With a unreleased XEX Patch *which should be releasing once more testing is done*, custom sources are entirely doable and shouldn't cause any problems. I also use TU5 yes. I haven't used TU4 in years.
  5. Huh, missed this thread, but yes, sources are limited by strings, if the strings are in-game, they will work as a source. This can be combined with creating your own strings in order to create completely custom sorting. Right now there is a small limitation in that by default, the game sets all non "ugc_plus" venues to use a different venue standard to what customs use, this can be addressed with an executable hack on Xbox.
  6. I have multiple RB installs, so I can't provide a set number. I have 3 360 hard drives, currently divided into 1. All RBN 2. Mix of DLC/RBN and Exports for online play. 3. Mix of everything (DLC/RBN/Exports/Customs) for playing locally with friends. 2 PS3 installs (I use EU/US copies for this) 1. US Disc: All officially released content for the game, 2909 songs on PS3. 2. EU Disc: Customs for online play. I also have RB4 on Xbox One with all songs, which I generally use for playing any official content, along with a PS4 that's loaded with customs, that I use when playing custom songs a
  7. PS3/360 Rock Band servers are currentl having issues. Harmonix are aware of the issue and working on it, but understandably, its a complex issue that seems to caused by a mix of random things such as account age, activity on past RB games and stuff, alongside also being more focused on Rock Band 4 issues so it's taking a while to fix, in the meantime, you can search on the PS/Xbox store for the DLC you want and purchase it that way.
  8. Just for clarity: The custom posted by Scott is not an official release by us, but was created by a member of our Discord community. It's pretty cool to see that we're inspiring people to expand upon our work.
  9. Rock Band 2 decides the origin on a few factors. RB1: ('song_location' 2) (downloaded TRUE) (exported TRUE) DLC: (downloaded TRUE) RBN: ('ugc' 1)
  10. Welcome to another single release by The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project. We would like to dedicate this release to TheSheepQueen, who is a long-time friend of the multiple members of the team. Sheep originally charted this song for Rock Band 3, and very generously allowed us to reuse her chart as a base for The Beatles Rock Band custom, Today is Sheep’s birthday, so make sure to send over a bunch of love in her direction and wish a happy birthday, along with checking out the original version released for Rock Band 3, which can be found linked below. Presenting – “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Bah”
  11. Unless we say we're done, we're working on something, like imac007 says, this is just a side hobby for us, so if we plan something big, or if our personal lives are super busy or something, things might take a little longer
  12. Welcome to another release by The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project. We have a very special release for you this time around, as not only does it represent the first album that we have completed in full, but it also marks over 100 songs playable in The Beatles Rock Band when including on-disk tracks and the previously released Harmonix DLC. One addition to this pack you may notice is the availability of Rock Band 3 versions. While this will not be the case for every song, we have toyed around with the idea a few times, and decided that this would be the perfect time for them to make their
  13. It's possible, but it's a lot of effort and it's really not worth the hassle imo. Here's a video of me playing an online custom song on Xbox 360. If you wanna play online, just buy a PS3.
  14. Welcome to The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project’s first single release! This release serves as a bit of an experiment to see how people react to smaller DLC releases, and if they prefer smaller packs like this or larger packs similar to our normal releases, so please give feedback and let us know what you think! “Rain Music Video”: https://streamable.com/ph1y95 Let’s not delay things any further, and grab your coats as we are about to head into Rain Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/6kplom “Rain” was released as the B side to the “Paperback Writer” single, and is widely conside
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