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  1. Also playing phaseshift. Idk if theres anything in-game that could be causing it.
  2. Sometimes if I hit the one pad too hard (and by too hard I mean normally) it will also hit another pad that's right near it. I guess it's the vibrations? If there anyway to fix this? Lowering the sensitivity of the pads maybe? Not sure how to do it though. I'm using yamaha dtxplorer.
  3. Anyone ever see a drum track for this song anywhere? Can't find it on this site. It sounds like it would be amazing to play.
  4. Thanks for the tips! I use an electric drum kit. Haven't played on regular rock band drums in years.
  5. Well not necessarily a NEWBIE.. but there are some things I struggle with. Particularly sustaining rolls for a long time or switching between them consecutively. Are there any songs that are good to practice this on? Should I take actual drums lessons? Thanks for any tips guys!
  6. Idk why but whenever I searched I could never find them. Thank you so much.
  7. The main two I'm looking for are "snake charmer" and "even if she falls" from the album Neighborhoods. Can't find them on this site anywhere and they sound like they have a great drum track. Thanks guys!
  8. Big yikes. Thanks anyways guys. Guess I'll stick to scouring around on the fretsonfire site.
  9. Yikes. So how do I play them on phaseshift then?
  10. How do you download them? It just leads me to a purchase link. If I have to buy it I'll do that but I'm on a PC so I'm not sure how that's supposed to work. lol
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