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  1. Thanks. I never noticed that, but then I arrived to the hobby only 2 years ago
  2. Mmm... I used to think the BIG missing one is "Get It On", but I don't think there is ANY version around, or is there? Edit: only noticed your previous post just now. There was a non-original version of it? Was it official or custom?
  3. In case you haven't noticed, the whole website was upgraded. As various warning messages around says, they are still working on some areas. What the messages don't say, is that customs are not accessible from the old forum section but instead from here: https://db.c3universe.com/songs
  4. The "skipping" message typically indicates an error in the MIDI file. You probably selected NTSC instead of PAL when converting. The option is in one of menus of the PS3 Converter.
  5. I like having any additional filtering/sorting option available. Vocalist gender can be obviously useful for a player who knows that (s)he can't easily sing a song of the opposite gender. But yeah charter gender would be a bit harder to justify
  6. IIRC this means you've converted without merging. There might be an option in C3 Tools to merge after converting, otherwise just turn on "merge while converting" and push the convert button again.
  7. I was guessing the same for this one! For #1 I'd say "Maria" by Blondie and for #3 "Immortality" by the Bee Gees and Celine Dion. Otherwise "one-hit wonder" and "unique track" are too generic for me to guess anything
  8. Did you notice? --> https://db.c3universe.com/songs/rb3
  9. As Alternity already said, unfortunately xbox controllers are another matter, and I don't know if a conversion is possible. I am not sure exactly what wireless technology is used by these controllers to communicate with the console, but I think PS3/Wii controllers use Bluetooth (and need a USB dongle plugged into the console, but a Wii dongle would work for PS3 and viceversa), while xbox 360 controllers use a proprietary protocol (and don't need a dongle). If that's the case, then the two types of controllers have different wireless chips inside. It is not completely impossibl
  10. As many of you already know, there are Rock Band accessories built for PS3 and Wii which share the same hardware. The basic controller functionalities (directional pad, navigation buttons and similar) of these controllers built for Wii work fine in PS3 and viceversa, but the Rock Band specific functionalities (such as the keyboard actual musical keys) do not work if you connect to your console the controller meant for the other system. A conversion however is possible and fairly quick and easy to do, which helps if you have difficulties finding an accessory for your own console. Ac
  11. I've done a similar conversion hack (but not as good as Alternity who installed a switch) and I kept pictures of the process. I was supposed to publish a thread with instructions but mainly I never did because of the inability to post pictures to the forums. EDIT: new forums allow to drag-and-drop pictures! So I just made a thread about the conversion hack
  12. This is worth trying out on the PS3 as well. Not sure if I understood everything about it, but since normally I have no use for filtering by source, it would be nice if sources could be customized to group customs according to new criteria.
  13. I suppose the customs database has been brought down again for maintenance/improvements, at least I cannot access it? I had the chance to take a glimpse at it as it was up a few hours ago. It seemed to feature a much more extensive search/filtering than before, but it didn't seem immediately obvious to use, as when I tried to for example select customs with Pro Keys, it actually returned nothing as it was assuming I wanted all other parameters to be empty. It also lost all the upload dates apparently (everything was shown uploaded on 1.1.1970) and of course all the nice icons we're used t
  14. I can't see icons even with the "full version". The weird thing is, neither with my kid's phone which is a different brand Android phone.
  15. If you want you can also send them to me and I will share them in the list on the first page, so that everyone can download them. I will PM you my email address.
  16. Ah, I forgot about the dryvox files... I am not sure I remember right but I think the dryvox files are used by Magma to generate lipsync animations, but the actual dryvox files do not end up to the CON, so they can't be retrieved from it. You can create fake dryvox files using Reaper: load the wave file to Reaper (to nail the correct length), mute it, and RENDER it with the appropriate bitrate required for dryvox. When you build in Magma, a fake (empty) dryvox won't generate the lipsync animations correctly. But your current purpose is only to get the MOGG audio file (with fixed length) ou
  17. You need to use the Phase Shift Converter in the C3 CON Tools. It will extract the audio (reducing it to single-track if not already) to mp3 format. Then use this audio to replace the encrypted one in Magma. It will be perfectly aligned with the tempo map of the midi.
  18. Ok wait a minute... some of those customs are actually new. That's worrying because it means the Magma bug might still be around.
  19. My theory is that PS3 uses the length information embedded in the audio file to stop playback, while xbox simply plays the audio until the actual end of file. There used to be a bug in Magma which (if I remember right) caused an incorrect length of the audio file to be written in the audio file header, even if the actual audio in the file is not cut. The game exits instead when it reaches the [end] event in the midi file. So my (lousy) theory is that the PS3 audio playback maybe gets confused by the audio length. Maybe it thinks the song audio is ending already, while the game hasn't enc
  20. Is it just my own Android phone, or is it a commonly known issue, that the .png icons for instrument difficulties (dots, or "NO PART") do not show up when browsing the database from a mobile? The are displayed as broken pictures in all browsers I've tried.
  21. Sounds an awesome idea to me Could it be for example a set of songs from the same bands featured on the original RB3 disc? Possibly with all the novelties of the RB3 game including Pro instruments.
  22. Ok fine, I will try my best to abide by the rules. It doesn't encourage me much to share my instruments additions to existing customs however, because now I am scared. But this: well I really thought you can change the included instruments in your database entry, so that if someone (or myself) adds Pro Guitar later on, I can CHANGE this info in the entry and it shows up correctly in searches. Is it so that you CAN'T change the indication about what instruments are included? Are you stuck with the info at the time you first uploaded the custom? That's a bummer!
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