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  1. weird.. Wind of Change doesnt work either
  2. I Was Born To Love You doesn't work. Everytime I try to play it it says "couldnt play song.. skipping" or something like that
  3. yea yall are right im missing some songs from the list because i excluded the ones that wouldnt be too fun for rock band
  4. I have bought every single song by Queen at the PSN Store, and downloaded all customs of Queen from this website, but the following songs listed here are the only ones left for all Queen songs to be playable on Rock Band. Can everyone participate to create these songs? I myself will also create some. Let's do it as a community Please comment which ones you'll be doing Queen - How Can I Go On Queen - Time Queen - Love Kills Queen - Your Kind Of Lover Queen - The Great Pretender Queen - Back Chat Queen - Body Language Queen - Calling All Girls Queen - Las Palabras de Amor (The Words
  5. I want to create around 100 songs but first I'd like to know how long does it take to create one song for rock band 3? Including vocals, guitar, bass, keys, drums, pro keys, and pro drums.
  6. Well it can be a good deed donation, not payment
  7. I would like to request these songs. I will donate $300 someone to make these songs for me for Rock Band 3. I understand not all songs listed have all instruments of Rock Band, but I want the instruments that the song does have, even if the song only has guitar or only drums or only piano. I want all instruments and vocals that the songs have. Please. We can't discuss payment here due to the rules, so send me a private message. P.S. I dont care about pro guitar or pro bass. Aerosmith - Rag Doll Aerosmith - Livin' On the Edge Aerosmith - Love in an Elevator Aerosmith - Back in the Sa
  8. I want to create custom songs for rock band 3, but Reaper already gave me an error. When I open the C3 Custom RB3 Template, a message pops up saying: The following effects were in the project file and are not available. REAPER will keep their configurations, but things may not sound as desired. Master: VST: W1 Limiter (George Yohng) Track 1: VST: W1 Limiter (George Yohng) Track 3: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) Track 4: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) Track 5: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) Track 13: VSTi: RBN Preview (RBN) How do i fix this?! D:
  9. Hi, I'm new to this website and I would like to know if there are people who still make songs that members request. Thank You
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