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  1. Wait, you're already working on it? Ok then, Noice.
  2. This is just a list of customs that I'm currently working on. If anybody is already working on one of these customs, let me know. 😀 In Stereo by Fort Minor Petrified by Fort Minor Purple Lamborghini by Skrillex & Rick Ross Know Better by Kevin Gates Crank That by Souja Boy Tell'em Replay by Iyaz Wreak Havoc by Skylar Grey Fire by Matthew "Mdot" Finley Tear It Down by Matthew "Mdot" Finley & Meaghan Martin Heart & Soul by The Jonas Brothers Wouldn't Change A Thing by Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas Can't B
  3. The only complaint i have so far is the load time. On the old database, it took less than a second for my computer to load the page. Now it takes around 10 to 15 seconds.
  4. wOoT wOoT MoThErFuCkErS1!1 It's Morphin' Time! After almost a year of work, I've finally uploaded all of the Power Rangers themes (Other than the MMPR theme) from Zeo to Dino Charge, to our glorious database. Go Go Power Rangers (Long Version): Go download naav's chart here: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/go-go-power-rangers-long-v-r25303 Power Rangers Zeo Theme: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/power-rangers-zeo-theme-r26655 Power Rangers Turbo, Go!: http://customscreators.com/index.php?/page/index.html/_/power-rangers-turbo-go-r25609
  5. Ok, I'm confused on how I'm supposed to organize the order of my songs in the setlist manager.
  6. Has anybody else noticed that all of the instruments other than the Real Piano have massive delays?
  7. So hyped. I can't wait to upload some songs for the cause.
  8. With the memories of Pro Skater 5 still fresh in peoples minds, it's highly unlikely that EA will make any attempts at making Skate 4. Maybe The fans will do the same thing that the fans of Half Life are doing with Episode 3, make it ourselves.
  9. All of this is extremely vague. This needs more details, because so far, none of these solutions have worked.
  10. Calling all authors! Help Wanted! Grab your straight razors, cause it's long past due that we need the soundtrack for this film charted for RB3. Seeing how there are around 17 songs in the soundtrack, and I'm not the absolute best at vocals, I figured "Why not make a collab project?". So if anybody is interested in helping, feel free to contact me via My C3 profile or on the C3 Discord (username is John Smith#2007). With all of the introduction stuff done, how about some exposition? Background on the Film: (Info grabbed from Wikipedia) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is
  11. WIPs: Cast of Camp Rock 2 - Brand New Day Eminem ft. Juice WRLD - Godzilla Jack Johnson - Upside Down Lior Rosner, D. DeAscentis, & P. C. Gordon - Power Rangers Wild Force Theme Miracle of Sound - Mining All Day Long Miracle of Sound - The Dead Don't Shuffle Miracle of Sound - Wheatley's Song Miracle of Sound - Second Chance Song Miranda Cosgrove ft. Drake Bell - Leave It All to Me (AKA the iCarly theme) Power Rangers Orchestra - Go Go Power Rangers Ron Wasserman - Power Rangers in Space Theme Segun Akinola - Doctor Who Series 11 Opening Titles Transcenders ft. J7 D'Star - Power Rangers
  12. The following songs now have vocals. Kids United - On ecrit sur les murs Rhett Nelson - Power Rangers Jungle Fury Theme (hasn't been uploaded yet, currently ironing out magma errors)
  13. yes, I do keep the lyrics separate. However, I've used CAT multiple times, and magma still gives me errors. What's weirder is that I can't run CARV, yet I can run CAT.
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