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  1. I recently got into charting customs and naturally I make changes to my charts after testing them in-game. However, if I change the difficulty icons for each instrument, the drum kit sounds, or the song preview clip, these changes do not show up when I export the new version of my song into RB3. Is this a bug with Magma? or is there some sort of cache I have to clear every time I make a change to a song that's already been added into RB3?
  2. Hi everyone, I've just recently entered the world of RB3 customs and I'm currently putting the final polish on my first custom. There are also some other songs that I'm working on and hopefully will get them done soon. This list will be updated as I complete and start work on customs. UPDATE 11/23/2020: My first custom (SUMMER - BROCKHAMPTON) is fully finished! I'm now just waiting until we get our author token back on our profile. In the meantime, I'm 60% done with my second custom which will hopefully be out in a couple days! Charts in progress: Alphabet St. by Prince - Listen
  3. Hi everyone, I've just recently finished charting my first custom and I was trying to import everything into magma to export and playtest. However, the final step of the process of exporting is preventing me from continuing. Magma asks me for my Author ID and I have no idea where I can get that information since the site seems to have changed recently. Does anyone know where I can find the Author/Profile ID?
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