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  1. Is there any way to buy blues traveler hook and play it in rock band 3 customs would love it in my setlist
  2. Saliva-superstar, saliva-your disease. Sevendust-praise. U2-hold me thrill me kiss mekillme neve-its over now. Stabbing westward-perfect
  3. Thank u banshee I'm so excited to play it soon
  4. Is there anybody willing to make the song love you to death by type o negative would be fun to play
  5. Can anybody make the song saliva your disease or superstar it would be fun to play
  6. Is there anyone gonna chart the song seether careless whisper I think it would be fun to play
  7. Hey naginaljjcan I have the link to love you to death I just wanna play it on guitar
  8. Hey chaosjaye when will those 2 songs be done
  9. Hey naginaljj that is my favorite song by type o when do u think it will be finished and thank you for making that song
  10. Can we get some more type o negative or more sevendust songs please
  11. I would like what do I have to do, I remember,perfect,so far away,lies
  12. Is there anybody going to make more stabbing westward songs a great band with no songs
  13. more artists that should have more songs is type o negative stabbing westward and kittie
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