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  1. Massive song dump, awesome stuff! I'm excited to try these out. Thank you so much.
  2. Nice! Can't wait to see what you have in store!
  3. This thread is getting my hyped. Can't believe it's been ten years already, but we're still rocking out over here more then ever because of customs.
  4. Just read your write up on the Mowgli's 2-pack, interesting read and it sounds like it was hell for you. If it helps at all, you made a group of 10+ people very happy. I've been listening to the songs ever since because I just love em so much, needed some feel good tunes and they hit just the right spot. I've also been playing it randomly and a lot of people are taking notice and asking what song is playing. Making a lot of Mowgil fans out here because of you! Anyways, thanks for your continued support of this site and this game, I know not a lot of people don't bother to comment but I'm
  5. I 2nd this. I'd love to see some ERBOH as customs.
  6. Kind've a mix I suppose? I want the pro drums/keys to be really precise, because I feel like they can be. Otherwise, as long as things aren't under charted, I don't mind how they are as long as they're fun. Just got an E-kit recently and loving it. I have no interest in getting pro guitar because the joy of these games for me is shredding something insane on the guitar, without having to spend years learning 1 song. I can just sightread something nuts and enjoy myself and go for FC's. As for venues and animations, I would care that they at least sync up, but I transitioned from RB to Clo
  7. To get them to work in Clone, you just need the conversion tool for downloading songs off of C3 and then you're basically set. Once the Conversion Tool is open, click PHASE SHIFT CONVERTER. Under Audio (Mogg) options, check Downmix to Stereo. Once that's done, you just have to drag your downloaded song into it. (it'll look like a piece of paper) You can do conversions in bulk, just give it a while to load but it'll tell you found X amount of CON files ready to begin. Once it's ready to begin, just click begin and it'll start converting them so they'll be playable in CH. It'll tell you it's
  8. ^ Agreed! My group will be pleasantly surprised by these, thanks again Doc!
  9. I wasn't sure if this was still going to happen considering there's no real schedule right now for releases, but I'm glad to see Canada Day celebration customs are still a thing! Great tracks in this pack, thanks to everyone involved and happy Canada Day!
  10. Haven't checked this thread in a while, but man you've got some bangers here. We really need to find you a drum charter to collaborate with! Siiiiiick! Can't wait to see which songs you chose to do!
  11. Glad I'm not the only one who'd love to see some ERBOH make it in! +1 for all of them lol.
  12. Yeah I was surprised as well. I was pretty young when GH/GH2 came out so they introduced me and made me fall in love with rock & roll. GH and the RB franchise really widened my music tastes and helped me discover a ton of bands and songs that I absolutely can't imagine not have knowing about now.
  13. That's awesome, I was just thinking of this the other day. Looking forward to seeing them in proper full band glory! Thanks for doing these btw.
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