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  1. -NEW UPDATE 11/27/2020- The big 18-pack release I've been talking about is finally here. Featuring a blend of must have staples from the likes of OK Go, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Stone Temple Pilots and more, as well as hidden gems that will make excellent additions to anybody's library. I'll be taking a recess from my biweekly releases with this major release, but I hope you all enjoy! Big thanks to Kamotch who gave their blessing to work on the Bomb the Music Industry track and helped with the drum chart. -DOWNLOAD HERE- -DOWNLOAD HERE-
  2. Hey everybody it's Friday. Hope you liked this week release, but I don't have time to talk about that because I got all these *songs* I gotta tell you about. There's a whole lot of them (and maybe you've even heard of some of them!) This week, I'll be showcasing six of the songs that will be coming up on the 27th. Be sure to click on each to get a preview of the chart in action. Consolation Prizes is a single off of Phoenix's third album, a beloved pop hit backed by alrger than life guitar chords and a thick bassline. Cream on Chrome is a milestone dance hit released in 2015 by
  4. Quick update, in the review process for the twenty something songs I'll be releasing this month and I noticed, boy howdy that sure is an Aerosmith song that's already in Rock Band 4, huh. I'm very good at Using The Google, as you can see. As such I'm moving around the release schedule a bit. Instead of having three releases on the 13th and three more on the 27th, I'm pulling the Aerosmith release and combining the two releases into one, so you'll also be getting the Black Sabbath and T. Rex songs next Friday. This means I also will be pushing up the release date of the 18 pack to the
  5. Hey everybody, checking in with a quick update. As you know we're slowly approaching the end of the nearly year long project, with only a few weeks left before we reach the final release. I'd like to take a moment just to outline the release dates for the remaining songs. 10/30/20 - Faith No More, The Stooges, Tom Waits 11/13/20 - Alice in Chains, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Deafheaven, T. Rex, Black Sabbath You might note that Bad Company and Big Black are not included on the list. That's because both songs in the long run had issues where I could not a
  6. NEW UPDATE -8/6/2020- Gonna be a bit busy tommorow so I'm dropping my usual update a day early. Enjoy. -DOWNLOAD HERE- -DOWNLOAD HERE- -DOWNLOAD HERE-
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