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  1. thought i was in bizarro world for a second....i have a friend who doesn't like KISS for the mere fact he thinks they have basic lyrics that they repeat like a 100 times....this would qualify. Though I don't overly see it with KISS i still like them... When I hear this song I think of that child shame shame double shame song.... perhaps it's just me but i want the same from a band....that's why i like them....i don't want to try to adapt to new stuff...besides what good has it done to linkin park, bmth, deftones etc.
  2. sorry guys but is it just me that thinks this song is a steaming pos? it's a shame dave is just mailing it in now... it's a very elevator/on hold phone call type of music...doesn't rep ff at all for me
  3. dear diary is the best on that ep in my opinion but they ripped off the deftones!
  4. just curious but isn't it just easier to track down a used copy of rb3 so there are no issues?
  5. lol of course you did a band with two drummers to start with....this song could have been tricky cause of that...this is a song i would have done i think down the road but because of the two drummer thing you have to come up with a strategy of are you only charting real drums and leaving holes or are you charting what makes sense or everything. check out the newer bring me the horizon tracks being charted on here...lot of them should probably only have done the real drums in my opinion...oh and some of the new machine gun kelly songs i can help with the drums if you could use some critiqu
  6. I think another question that could be asked and may have been discussed before is how many people play with fills turned on? I have them turned off and rather play what the song intends....sure i can do my own fills and a bunch of songs have the freestyle ending where you can go nuts if you like....perhaps i'm the only one who turns them off but if most do than you won't really have a problem with taking anything out. Also what do you play? Chart for yourself so if you are a fills guy then do what you feel is best... you mentioned doing an actual song and personal drum lessons. i as
  7. Hey there. Wrote the author but not sure he's been on since 2016. Anyway have RexVoluntas First it giveth by queens of the stone age? i know a new one was uploaded. I wanted to compare charts and report the down link. If someone has the track that would be great. Curious is there anyone running this site that collects all the tracks that then could re-upload/update link into the c3 database? also is the new database going to group the same track? cause the new one is in on the old song page under the download link... there is 3 versions of YOU THINK I AIN'T WORTH A DOLLAR,
  8. what's the yellow download link? seems those are the other downloads. some 2x drums are listed there....fear factory replica at least...says bass pedal as the 2 is covered up. couldn't find 2x on newly released slipknot - blister exists also search Aerosmith with capital A you get one result. Search aerosmith no captial you get 48. Would be nice if clicking top left c3 db would reset results but doesn't if a search term is put in...you have to hit x to cancel search or search something new also the other download links seem to just refresh the page with the link missing I a
  9. think the database gets back up before anniversary?
  10. i tried both vocals and drums separate and it froze both times... anyone else know why this is?
  11. think it's up for the anniversary?
  12. so i know there is a bloody valentine now but the drums are not accurate in a lot of parts...probably from an inaccurate midi file. ocd aside you can watch travis play it live with mgk for the late show with james corden... so if i wanted to fix the drums i assume first reach out to the original author? technically two versions but only one had drums...
  13. sorry xbox. the freezing is a an audio thing? it's hotfuzz's custom says he hasn't been on since july can anyone else confirm this song doesn't work?
  14. is there a simple fix for songs that crash the game? maybe it's not compiled right or something? reference "collective soul - heavy" by hotfuzz freezes my game everytime i try to play it... it was packed and then i tried a single copy of it on it's own and still freezes system
  15. lol just wake up fr how was the coma? lol like a dozen threads about what's going on and you post asking if the site was hacked haha
  16. something wrong with the google doc manual? anyone use the 2x reduce cat tool? seems similar to what reduce difficulties does
  17. yes this makes sense. this is also more than one marker at the start. which almost isn't even a marker if you just go in at the start and type the bpm from a website. can anyone else ring in here if i can legitimately add drums to someones custom that has a straight line tempo map of a constant bpm. this wouldn't be drum machines either with perfect timing... thing is going over the authoring tutorial i don't recall it ever saying to use the drums to chart a tempo map even if you are just doing guitar. i'm referring to the pdf. of course pskage and ruby did with their videos but one could th
  18. hate to revive and old thread. i got down the disco flip events. drums0d and drums0 to turn on and off. just curious about the flip and unflip cat tools action. when clicked they didn't do anything for me. looks like flip will flip the notes for you if you didn't chart them for standard rb. IE you charted them true for pro drums when that's the actual flip event. unflip states it actually reduces hit hat notes for use on hard difficulty. is this one really even used or needed if i can get it to work? would you use this after using cat tools for reductions or is it used for if you were doing
  19. thanks.. Im curious to see this work out... After charting drums only and knowing timing can be slightly off so multiple tempo markers are required. doing drums to one consistent marker should be interesting to see how it comes out... Just seems odd when you compare a full band chart to a guitar only chart the difference in markers... Chart drums first and you have a ton of markers, chart guitar first and just one...
  20. yup did that and went view master track. i can give you the name of the songs to double check. the one author said the song was a constant 160bpm and a tempo map wasn't needed. sorry it was my assumption that a tempo map be more than one marker set to 160 etc. if that's still considered a tempo map great. so now adding drums. there won't be any issues there? all the full band songs or drum charts i've seen have had multiple markers to keep things aligned...
  21. sorry guys if i'm repeating a question here. haven't gotten a reply. so i'd like to chip in and create drums for guitar only songs...however it's looking like guitar only songs don't have tempo maps created. i'd assume because they didn't do drums... so how do i use someones reaper project with guitar done and no tempo map to add drums? also is there a rule you have to chart 1x drums?
  22. yeah i have my hi hate pedal set to yellow when it's pushed for those few songs you can cheat and use your left foot even though i feel the authors didn't intend it to be like that. don't recall any songs where you should be keeping time with hi hat while doing something else and if there is it's not authored that way cause rb plastic kit people wouldn't be able to do it... you just addressed my fear as well...here i am playing blue as a separate hit on another pad though i feel open hi hat hits should have delays except when playing metal/punk....i haven't been able to get my hi hat to work
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