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  1. I was selling a few household items on Marketplace all day anyway, so it wasn't strange that someone came to the house but I hid it from her at first because I didnt want her to get mad that I was getting more Rockband stuff. I told her last night after I saw the Ion kit though. She was cool with it.
  2. I look several times daily for ads on Craigslist and FB Marketplace. 99% of the time I find nothing new or overpriced crap. But its habitual. I sat down tonight and saw an ad on FB Marketplace for and RB set with 5 guitars, mics, and drums, no game. the picture was a wired guitar a GH les Paul and some other parts I couldn't identify. I messaged on a whim, " how many cymbals?", she replied back she thought there was at least two and asked me how much I would pay. I said boldly "$20" (USD) She countered $30. I snapped a pic of my 5 drum sets with a box of guitar and parts and said I didn't ne
  3. So I took the guitar apart, and I was able to fix the whammy bar. There was a piece of plastic that broke off. I used some gorilla glue and made sure the whammy could still move. Its a little tight to move, but holds in place like normal. Better than being floppy. The body has that gnarly crack and I watched a few solid body guitar repairs and I think im going to drill into it at an angle under the pick-guard so as not to fuck up the paint anymore than it already is and put in a wooden dowel to make it more solid before filling the crack in with epoxy. I checked it all out and couldn't fin
  4. Yes, I will, maybe after the repairs. This was the listing though.. Pictures are legit, exactly what I got. It seems as if it has an issue after all. Some sort of connection issue. The button flashes almost constantly (while working just fine) and eventually shuts itself off pausing the game, Turn it back on and this continues. Brand new batteries, Not sure where to look, havent taken it apart yet. I read somewhere to replace some capacitors. Anyone on here have some tips or troubleshooting steps.
  5. So the Logitech guitar came in today. It powered up, synced to my 360, all buttons worked. So its fully functional. Just has a crack in the body that I can fill, some posing tuning pegs I can replace, and a loose whammy bar Ill figure out what to do with. So all in all Im stoked. Only cost me around $70 with shipping. Im seeing them being sold for over $200
  6. Whoa, if I knew this mod existed I probably would've held off on getting the Nitro Mesh kit. I still have my Ion's. I wonder if I should do this anyway... Well, I ended up winning the bid for the non working wooden Logitech guitar. with shipping it came to like $70 or something. I'll try to repair it and post what becomes of it.
  7. Saw a wooden guitar controller on ebay that said non-working. Got me thinking about the possibility of replacing the guts of it. Now I'm wondering whats the furthest you've gone to mod something in this hobby. Has anyone here made their own wooden guitar for RB? Maybe even with parts from Warmoth?!?! I need to know.
  8. Forgot that NIN put out a bunch of multi-tracks. incase anyone feels like charting some.
  9. I got it in finally and we used it on a few songs. a custom which didnt quite change the light, and then Break On Through which did, then I did several customs later and they all worked. However, Im confused about the strobe. When I turn on the unit it flashes, but then I don't see it ever flash again. Not sure if something is wrong. When does the strobe actually get used, how do I narrow the problem down or fix it?
  10. Thanks for the replies. Got some fog juice today in preparation and downloaded some new customs on a larger usb drive. Hope it adds an element of fun!
  11. So, I just ordered a stage kit on ebay for $30 + $20 for shipping. I have some questions. I understand this was made for RB2. I'm guessing that since RB4 doesnt support it, that RB3 does. For those of you who use it, how does it work on custom songs since its queue based in the authoring. Is this something people will do? What if there are no queues, will it kind of go into a fake light/fog mode or will it do nothing at all?
  12. Thanks, I was able to snag this with another drum set, keytar and keytar stand for $20 on FB Marketplace. Talk about a learning curve, I mean I grew up in the 90's learning to play guitar to tablature, its similar but wow I was struggling just now.
  13. I have no experience with this controller. How is it? Do people generally like it or not? I'm wondering if it enhances gameplay or detracts from the overall feel of playing. Or maybe its just terrible out of the gate. Those of you that have it do you prefer it?
  14. Someone locally is selling RB3 set. game, keys, drum (non pro) and the Fender Precision bass which appears to be in great condition. I do not need anymore instruments and if I have a 5th drum kit laying around my wife might shit a brick. But for $40. for the lot, is the Guitar worth it? I've never played one and I dont know how rare they are. Seems like Amazon has those guitars but for $80 and up. Also, Is this guitar wireless? I cant tell. EDIT: its not wireless.
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