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  1. División Minúscula is an alternative rock band from Mexico Pack 1 If you like División Minúscula you can comment which custom you would like to see for a second pack
  2. This is what Qweflol and I can offer you about "Noche de Brujas". "Noche de Brujas" its halloween, and this is what we can offer you for this celebration, in Spanish What do you think we could add? what do you guys work on?
  3. I have chartered this custom but the truth is that it is neither a band that I like nor a song that I like, I am looking for someone who wants to take charge of this custom to be able to send him what I have worked on
  4. This is a wip about the album "Anothe Life" by Mark Stoermer, who is bassist in The Killers Another Life -Weary Soul -Shadow In A Dream -Everyone Loves The Girl -Need A Hand -Amber Bough -The Day We Were Before -The Haunts -No Time -There Is No Is -Another Life authors: Paolex: Vocals Andrewetg: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys
  5. Incredible news, an album that I really liked, thanks for putting it in your plans
  6. José Madero Vizcaíno Vocalista reconocido, José Madero Vizcaíno cuenta con 4 álbumes de estudio, ademas de destacarse como autor de 3 libros. Recognized vocalist, José Madero Vizcaíno has 4 studio albums, in addition to standing out as the author of 3 books. Carmesí -Lunes 28 -Con Ustedes, La Rocola Humana -Literatura Rusa -No Como El Filme -Entre Comillas -Plural Siendo Singular -Abril -Teo, El Gato Persa Rinde Su Declaración -Puerto Partida (Soy Un Cobarde) -Sinmigo -El Mundo de Mi Almohada -¿A poco no? -Siempre tendremos Dallas -Conversación Sobre A
  7. 22/08/2020 Hemos publicado el "Para Ti Con Desprecio" en su totalidad.
  8. Readers of this WIP. Maybe this topic was not what was expected, with a number of mistakes in some customs, it was not what I expected from this and I think that you do not either, after so long away from this project I can think of what I can do to fix This problem, starting by doing some customs again, with this I hope you know how to forget the past of these customs and that the new thing we will do is to your liking, of course, without mistakes from the past. I am grateful for the support in these customs. A good day for everyone.
  9. Desierto Drive Desierto Drive are a Mexican band from Monterrey. former members of Pxndx, Desierto Drive have a different style to do his songs Desierto Drive are: Arturo Arredondo: Vocals-Guitar-Keys Ricardo Treviño: Bass Kross Vázquez: Drums Desierto Drive es una banda mexicana de Monterrey. ex miembros de Pxndx, Desierto Drive tienen un estilo diferente para hacer sus canciones Desierto Drive son: Arturo Arredondo: Voz-Guitarra-Teclas Ricardo Treviño: Bajo Kross Vázquez: Batería Mexican Dream -Mi Chula Adolescente -Historias X Cambiar -Ghostwriter -Ven Corazón -A
  10. yo hago las guitarras de las canciones, y Qweflol hace los voces y bateria, si quieres puedes ayudarnos en el bajo de algunas de este album, pero te enviare uno de los customs para que hagas el bajo y ahi vemos como te queda para si nos quieres ayudar
  11. Hola, todos los custom estamos haciéndolos desde 0, por el momento tenemos algunos customs que ya están para liberarlos, y muchos son de amantes sunts amentes, si quieres un custom en específico para que lo liberemos más rápido nos puedes escribir aquí o mandar una mensaje a los 3 autores que trabajamos en estos customs. Gracias por tu comentario
  12. For the moment I am making more song of The Killers, When I finish some songs I make this 2 songs and I will think if I make more songs of Brandon Flowers
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