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  1. Update June 1, 2020 Updated progress on songs. Added the following songs to the list: FNK - Frecuencias FNK - Hasta el Final Foster the People - Goats In Trees Jacob Collier - Hideaway
  2. Is there a way to play Rock Band 3 with the Mustang Pro Guitar (the one with the buttons) AND have audio feedback? For context: You can use the Mustang guitar in RB3 using a MIDI Pro Adapter, through the MIDI port of the guitar. You also can use a Mustang Pro Guitar as a "real instrument" with the correct setup, using the same port. I can use my Yamaha keyboard's MIDI in to hear my pro guitar. With that setup, I tried to connect the MIDI out of the keyboard to the Midi Pro Adapter, but it doesn't seem to work in game, it doesn't recognize it at all. Have you had any luck playng the Musta
  3. I just listened to the song. I hope that when you said "almost keeps a consistent tempo through the whole thing" you where referring to the middle section, because that's a MAJOR BPM change. The song is about 83 BPM but it changes to 130 BPM in the middle section. Then it goes back to 83. You should place a tempo marker every four beats for a good tempo map.
  4. Can you tell us what's the song you're authoring? We might help you better that way.
  5. I use my PS3 Mustang Pro Guitar on Xbox 360 using an Xbox MPA. The only downside is that you get to play the 22 fret charts instead of the 17 fret ones, so some songs are un-FC-able.
  6. Thank you for the Waitress songs! I don't know if it counts for this thread but I made "Soft Place to Land" a while ago, although it's the Sara Bareiles version.
  7. Update December 23, 2019 Updated progress on songs. Removed "Goma de Mascar" by Paty Cantú from the list. It's been released! You can download it here.
  8. New Release! December 23, 2019 Paty Cantú - "Goma de Mascar"
  9. New Releases! December 20, 2019 Childish Gambino - "Me and Your Mama" Grant Gustin - "Runnin' Home to You"
  10. Update December 20 2019 Removed "Me and Your Mama" by Childish Gambino from the list. It's been released! You can download it here. Removed "Runnin' Home to You" by Grant Gustin from the list. It's been released! You can download it here.
  11. Update December 5, 2019 Added the following songs to the list: FNK - AmnesiaFNK - No Estoy AcostumbradoGrant Gustin - Runnin' Home to YouSin Bandera - Si Tú No EstásAdded a spanish description. Removed "Aquí Estoy" by FNK from the list. It's been released! You can download it here.
  12. I think that song isn't in the database. If it was I would probably add it to the list under "Notable songs".
  13. Hi! I made a Google Spreadsheet with ALL the songs in spanish that are compatible with Rock Band 3. This includes customs, DLC, RBN, on-disc songs, etc. There's also a "Notable songs" section with songs from latin artists or songs that have something to do with the spanish language. I also made some statistics to know wich artist and author has the most songs overall. I included a link to the songs in the database for easy access. Please tell me if I forgot a songs to add it to the list. I'm planning to keep this list updated as long as I can. Enjoy! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/
  14. Thanks to both of you guys. Onyxite's solution worked. I deleted the meta-events and then reloaded the lyrics again and everything was good. I didn't want to mess with CAT vocal cleanup because there are so many options and I didn't want to mess up the chart even more. But I think I might try that one in the future. Hopefully I don't have to! Thanks again.
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