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  1. Thank You Raynebc. I did not know phase shift had the ability to play RB3 Pro Tracks - I thought it only supported 5 lane instruments and therefore treated a Pro Guitar as such, so that's good news Thank you. The least of my concerns is attaching the guitar as a keyboard. This is already easy enough using the adapter, but as i stated above, my attempt at using the the PG with midi adapter on the keys "K" setting did not go as well as i had hoped, while it didn't have any issues connecting or staying connected as a keyboard. Main problem is that the PK charts are not applicable to the g
  2. I've settled for removing the bass guitar and replacing it with the 2nd harmonized guitar with each guitar having it's own stem (as well as all other instruments and vocal(harmony) stem's for that matter, except bass guitar of course.) i'm not sure If i'm allowed to share it with anyone but it works well. I started a thread asking the rules of improving DLC songs, but nobody replied to that yet. So if it's allowed I would share.
  3. well it appears I have overlooked a few limitations. My goal was to chart for a 2nd PRO guitar within the PRO keys midi track (I've seen other people chart a rhythm guitar on keys) but what I failed to realize is that "Rhythm on Keys" is only a function on 5 lane instruments, and that actual guitar tabs won't fit within the scope of the Pro-Keys midi-charts. i didn't realize this until i got the template that shows the notes/pitches which are valid in pro keys. It differs too much from the Pro Guitar chart and is limited in relation. It would appear the Pro-keys chart only has enough keys to
  4. Hello, I wrote Part-Real Guitar for the extra 2nd guitar in a song, and I want to add it to the Pro-Keys Track for one of my DLC songs, and use it for personal enjoyment (not to distribute). When I transfer the content (2 files - original song and Pro Upgrade) to PC, I use the c3 con tools to bundle the original con with the upgrade. Then, I batch extract the bundled file so that i can import the midi to reaper. I choose the option for seperate tracks. But Reaper lays down almost all the tracks, except the pro guitar and bass. How can I bundle my pro-keys midi track with all DLC, inclu
  5. if I add a pro-keys track (to represent guitar #2) to an official DLC song which originally does not have that instrument track (no keys or pro-keys in the song currently), am I able to share ONLY the portion that I created without stepping on a copyright landmine? ...or is it generally understood that the entire song cannot be touched legally, even if my only goal is to complete the song, which currently lacks half of the guitar being played in the song? (song in question = Unholy Confessions - by A7X)
  6. YES dude. this is still enlightening new users! I've been wondering what do do about this problem since I started. Glad I found this, All i use c3/Magma/Reaper for is Pro Guitar and Pro Bass authoring. I line up the preview with the guitar stems I create and it saves me 90% of the time for charting and catches all the mistakes before testing on the game now. Sweet. Just, YES dude. Yes
  7. Thanks Larg! That's excellent news, as I have extracted the guitar from the mix, so guitar has its own dedicated stem. As well as the background track being the remainder of the mix with guitar excluded. Got killer software that does the trick quickly. I'll have to recompile and see what i did wrong in magma. Thanks again!
  8. Hello I was wondering if there's any way to get audio working on practice sections of customs when slowing the speed. As of now it's just silent anything less than 100%. Trying to figure out if there is a work around so that I can get the audio track to be time-warped to match the slowed down chart as it animates. It would really help when trying to learn and practice mode if there was some way to listen and keep time. I already have a way to split the stems into individual tracks so each instrument does have its own track. Also I'm using Pro guitar mode
  9. Yes, Definitely cross-talk. I use an alesis kit with the mad-catz midi pro adapter. The setting on my module is abbreviated as "X-talk", and the higher the setting, the more vibration it lets through. so on mine, lower number is more cancellation. But i don't have a yamaha so I'm not sure if yours is backward settings, but just double-check because maybe your higher numbers refer to more cancellation. careful because too much cancellation and it will not let you purposely hit two pads next to each other at the same time (over-kill)... ...when my x-talk is all the way down to 1, I cant get s
  10. Hi, I'm creating customs for RB3, specifically for pro guitar and trying to gain command of Hammer-ons/Pulloffs. If there's already documentation or a thread that answers my questions, then just a link that points me in the right direction will suffice as an answer... I'm Just wondering: a) what the numbers in Magma's HOPO threshold settings are in relation to (90, 130, 170, 230)? in Reaper I understand 103 is the channel for forcing HOPO on/off in expert, but exactly which note(s) does it go above? does it just go right above the note you're not planning to strum for? Or Does the durati
  11. I downloaded a zip file with RBN templates, RBN settings and RBN Preview. The templates don't include the pro instruments, except for the one labeled RBN2, and this only has ProKeys instruent tracks. Did I get the wrong template source, because None of which have the pro guitar. Is it easy to create the pro guitar and bass midi tracks? Do I just add new basic tracks and call them Part Real_Guitar/ Part Real_Bass, and then go to town on creating all four levels of difficulty in the same track? Or is there more steps to the process? Where can i get the newest version of templates?
  12. Yep, that was the fix. Thank you! Went into storage/hdd/games/rockband3/cache > delete. Start game - Voila! Thanks GreenPanda!
  13. When I create a custom song which includes the pro guitar and bass midi tracks (this is my first try at pro), I export the multi-track midi from Reaper and then i open it in magma, and magma immediately automatically ticks the boxes for Pro Guitar and Pro Bass. After i convert the file to a custom and transfer it to my xbox, the song is added to my collection, but it says that pro guitar and pro bass do not exist when i try to select either pro instrument. But everythng else works fine. Did I miss a necessary part of the process when trying to include the pro guitars to the song? I know noth
  14. Thank you for your fast replies. Please let me know if i should start a new thread instead. I don't want to trump someone elses topic. I discovered the templates and it certainly makes things a lot easier. Out of the 3 provided templates in the package, the rBN2 template is the only one that has the pro keys section, but In all of the templates, none of the ProGuitar or ProBass midi tracks are included. i'm looking for documentation that can explain the following... Can i just simply create a new track for each pro instrument and follow the naming convention for track (i.e. Part Real_Guit
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