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  1. So, looking at the midi, looks like a somewhat similar format to GH2 and Rock Band, and some of Harmonix's older games. There is an EVENTS track and a DRUMS track like in Rock Band. There are some tags we've seen in other games, such as music_start. I'm pretty confident the DRUMS track is just the track for the practice, dosen't look like move programming. Most of the meat is probably in those milo files. Might be another midi inside of the milos or something. Here is a screenshot of the event data for Body Movin' Also wanted to add, running the MILO files from the songs through the Advan
  2. Assuming I'm using the right tool, the milo extractor... It makes a bunch of .bin files and gives me this warning... Some songs reuse the same animations and moves from other songs. Although I think some DLC songs can introduce new moves entirely. There must be some sort of "use this move at this time" thing going on.
  3. Hey guys, I've been trying to get some insight as to how to do Dance Central 3 Customs. I've always been a very big fan of the Dance Central 3 and they haven't made a real Dance Central game sense. Well, Kinect is sort of the only way you can do it and Kinect is dead now as well as the X360. Sooooo.... I was poking around in some DLC files and it looks like theres a moog_prev, moog, midi, and a XBOX_MILO file. I remember the Milo format being used back in the Rock Band days. Looks like the moves and all the song data is stored in the milo file and the midi is just the drum track from training
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