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  1. Looks really cool. Also love the profile pic
  2. I'm from Santa Maria, IDK if thats southern enough.
  3. How did you get over 3000 songs ruby? Are you playing wii?
  4. Just heard this songs and I think it would be amazing to play in Rock Band
  5. Any chance She's Not There by the Zombies will get some Keys, they really shine in the song Thanks
  6. This is great! Wish I had excel, only google sheets here
  7. The covers are good though, they put so much high quality effort into them and it shows.
  8. Deleting the cache can result in losing scores on some songs. However lot's of issues with RB3 can be solved by deleting the cache so its usually your best bet
  9. Okay thanks! I'll be sure to try those out. I have played the Less Than Jake song, it was a blast!
  10. I recently started drumming again on the stock RB1 kit (not ideal I know) and absolutely loved playing Superman by Goldfinger, Add it Up by Violent Femmes, and The Receiving End of it All by Streetlight Manifesto. What other songs in the custom database are like this? I know there's a lot of them, just wondering if anyone had any favorites.
  11. It might use the dongle that Rock Band 2 Wii Guitars used, but I'm not sure.
  12. dlcquickplay.com does the same thing but loads a bit quicker
  13. The chart by GHisFozzy says it has Drums as well as Pro Guitar and Bass. The file I downloaded doesn't have these. I believe I saw a youtube video of someone playing through it on drums and I was wondering if anyone had that file. Thanks a bunch
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