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  1. It's already a better start than 2018's The first week of 2018's dlc also got a rewind.
  2. I would love to see some Dillinger Escape plan from RBN.
  3. I never bought the passes because of all the boring 2018 dlc.
  4. We did get a few hidden gems such as Coheed and Cambria and Octavision.
  5. Rewinds = Green Network = Red Free = Blue Megadeth - "Peace Sells"Slayer - "Angel of Death"BABYMETAL - "Starlight"Godsmack - "When Legends Rise"All That Remains - "Forever In Your Hands"Asking Alexandria - "Hey There Mr. Brooks"Seether - "Remedy"Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly"Nine Inch Nails - "The Hand That Feeds"Elle King - "Shame"The Struts - "Body Talks"The Bouncing Souls - "Gasoline"Jeff Williams ft. Casey Lee Williams - "The Triumph"Senses Fail - "Lady in a Blue Dress"Hoobastank - "The Reason"Matchbox Twenty - "Push"Darius Rucker - "Wagon Wheel"Meredith Brooks - "Bitch"The Dillinger Escape
  6. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that thought of this but I think it would be helpful to have extra details about each custom in the database. I know filters are a thing but I just think this would be nice to have. Something like the Legacy Database. Example -
  7. I just fixed everything but it still doesn't continue.. It says it's validating but it never finishes. Magma: C3 Roks Edition v3.3.2=============================Build started at 12:37 PM Starting Nemo's MIDI Validator...Everything looks good, continuing... Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process started.Added drum mix events successfully.Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process completed. Loading MagmaCompilerC3.exe...Reading the archiveProject Compiler: Reading project 'C:\Users\JacRu_000\Desktop\DigitalLifeDemo.rbproj'...Project Compiler: Entering Phase 1 of 5...Metadata Compiler: Starting...Metadata Compiler: Don
  8. Magma: C3 Roks Edition v3.3.2 ============================= Build started at 11:30 PM Starting Nemo's MIDI Validator... Everything looks good, continuing... Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process started. Added drum mix events successfully. Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process completed. Loading MagmaCompilerC3.exe... Reading the archive Project Compiler: Reading project 'C:\Users\JacRu_000\Desktop\DigitalLifeDemo.rbproj'... Project Compiler: Entering Phase 1 of 5... Metadata Compiler: Starting... Metadata Compiler: Done. Project Compiler: Entering Phase 2 of 5... MIDI Compiler: Starting..
  9. I deleted Rammstein - Waidmanns Heil. When I go to “Songs Released By” It still shows up.
  10. I have deleted a song off of C3U some weeks ago, when I sort my song, it still shows up.
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