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    The Who, Smashing Pumpkins, Bowie, Beatles...it's all good to me. 70's and 90's are my favorite decades of rock.

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  1. Christ, when I saw all the Pavement songs in the database I nearly had a heart attack, had to come over here and read through this post to make sure I wasn't dreaming. One of my favorite bands ever, and all of this Pavement is like an early Christmas present! Every one of these songs is a classic and I will no doubt play them all countless times, but I wanted to give thanks specifically for Kennel District, which is my favorite Spiral Stairs contribution to Pavement's catalogue. I cannot wait to play all of these; thank you soooo much Yaniv and Kamotch, you guys just made my day, my week, m
  2. Yes, thank you so much for the Cheap Trick pack! Their rendition of California Man is awesome, and He's A Whore is one of my absolute favorite Cheap Trick songs. (Of course Way Of The World is great too.) Can't wait to play them!
  3. A wonderful tribute and a lot of great songs. Thank you for all the hard work!
  4. That's a pretty great pack line-up, looking forward to it. Thanks for your hard work and (over)drive!
  5. I can only hope some kind soul takes it upon themselves to convert them, because any songs from these albums are pretty amazing. Though I mostly just play Rock Band, I will occasionally play some Phaseshift just for your customs . So thank you!
  6. Slint's Spiderland and both Yes's Close to the Edge and Relayer meet that criteria. Also, The Smashing Pumpkins' Pisces Iscariot (technically a b-side collection/compilation, but I think most people rank it with the proper studio albums).
  7. Big fan of Blur, thank you for these and all the work you did during the event!
  8. I love your test in music and am looking forward to whatever you produce in the future.
  9. Thanks for all the hard work, I foresee a great Neil Young jam session in my future!
  10. Thanks to all involved for the work on completing the album, it will be a blast to play these songs!
  11. Words cannot express how excited I am for that Kinks song; lot of gems in there!
  12. Very exciting, I've been looking forward to this since the day it was announced!
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