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  1. In Chrome: - Three dots - Tick Checkbox "Desktop Site"
  2. Actually already have that one! Old man is a Brubeck fan. Great recommendation though! 👍
  3. Any recommendations for some fun jazz songs? Maybe something not too difficult to ease me into it! Thanks.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for that, will have a look and see what's happening. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks Whizzer! Will have a look at the Pro Keys tracks, don't think I made any changes from the C3 template so not sure why it's causing problems. What do you mean by "template-empty"? Have been using muted WAVs for the instruments and crowd tracks, is that wrong? Going to try and set the Xbox up over the weekend and do some proper testing. Apologies to everyone who has tried to play these!
  6. HELP!!! Have just got a PM to say that apparently these aren't working on Xbox, I use Phase Shift and they work fine. I think it might be as I don't have any drum fills, as Magma always moans at me when compiling. Would this cause it to crash on loading? If not, would someone mind looking at any of the REAPER files above and see if they can spot anything? Thanks in advance!
  7. No worries, will keep an eye out and take it down when you're done. P.S. Feel free to use the REAPER file if you haven't started!
  8. Hola! Have uploaded a load of drum-only charts. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. REAPER files are in my WIP thread so let me know if you're interested in completing any of the missing instruments. Enjoy! Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link
  9. [sHAMELESS PLUG] Few (drum-only) Roots tracks in my WIP thread. [/sHAMELESS PLUG]
  10. Few more (drum-only) tracks! Couple more Genesis B-sides, another Tony Banks solo joint, and an old funk record from my DJing days. All feedback again gratefully received. Enjoy! CON File REAPER File CON File REAPER File CON File REAPER File CON File REAPER File
  11. BUMP! Few Genesis (and a Tony Banks!) goodies in my WIP thread!
  12. Ah, okay. Wasn't sure of protocol and didn't want to step on any toes! Happy to wait for your versions, am sure they will be a lot better!
  13. Will do! Might not be today, but will deffo be in the next few days. Will let you know!
  14. Did you mean GENESIS TRACKS?! Lol. Yeah, was pretty surprised that there were no Roots songs in the DB, and love that album so thought I would do a couple, which turned into a few. They're generally pretty easy as they're 4/4 and generally the same four bars for three-and-a-half minutes so don't take that long. Happy to go for your Obvious Choice unless there are any others you fancy doing? Thank you! And thank you for so many hours of joy playing Genesis songs! Apologies, removed. Thank you for all your Genesis songs as well, again, many hours of joy! Apologies, also removed. A
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