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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm1OT9KBnyI i think it'd be fun, though i'd have charted it by now if i could get my head around reaper
  2. same here. wonder what's up with that, it was just fine a few hours ago
  3. yeah, there are so few dead kennedys customs! a shame, they are quite good
  4. most of these will be released some time in the near future, mostly based off clone hero charts a friend and I have worked on (and in some cases, released). if someone would like to chart vocals/keys for these, that would be great not to be released in order singles Icosahedron - Bees (nearly finished) Icosahedron - My Biggest Fear (nearly finished) Neil Cicierega Pack 01 Lemon Demon - Neverending Hum (playtesting) Lemon Demon - I've Got Some Falling To Do (playtesting) Deporitaz - I Know Your Name (recharting) other stuff plann
  5. fair enough. suppose I'll start a thread then, thanks for the encouragement!
  6. i'd make a thread like this, since I do Clone Hero charting with a friend, except I'm afraid our charts aren't that good
  7. i second this; fine is fucking BALLER, one of my fav tracks from Dinosaurchestra, and i'd love to chart it if I ever had the motivation to learn how REAPER works (cos I use EOF)
  8. not surprised, since it's from the first two albums which are arguably the most obscure outside of maybe Deporitaz oh hell yeah
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVfTWnaWSwA sidenote; if anyone wants to chart this, the highest quality this song is in is 128 kbps if that's a problem (same with the rest of the album, and the one after it). blame neil's label circa 2003 only taking 128 kbps mp3s, for some godawful reason
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