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  1. Couldn't agree more. If you like it, then by all means chart it and enjoy! 😃 Although, I have a pro-guitar and its not very realistic as they are trying to portray. As Yaniv said, Rocksmith is WAY better than anything Rock Band is trying to do when it comes to pro guitars. And of course with the customs (Cherub Rock anyone?) there is a ton of material.
  2. I think you could ask the admins to help get your token, otherwise gonna have to wait it out until things are more stable again.
  3. Ya! I do appreciate what we have for sure! Looking forward for the database access to be working again.
  4. Loving? These work, thats about it for me.
  5. Sounds like you did more damage to the unit when the wires tore off the board. The only way you will know if the adapter is now at fault is to get another and try that. In the future please know that almost all the available Midi Pro Adapters have that nasty sticky film on them. That film comes off fairly easily with some rubbing alcohol and paper towels. NEVER disassemble the adapter!! Taking it apart leads to what happened to you, breakage of wires. If the wires pulled the circuit board traces off with it, its trash and time to get a new adapter. Good luck!
  6. Someone asked me for the company logo, this is one I use with my business cards. Ummm, can someone delete this? I meant for this to be on another forum
  7. Most definitely you are the only one.
  8. I do testing for Scott (owner/designer of Strum Fix) and if you tell him you had a problem with the duo not holding the wires he may be able to help. He is a very good guy and wants everyone to succeed in replacing their broken guitars. I too have the duo. I put it in my Hoffner (naturally) and it took some time to get used to it, but in the long run it makes playing bass songs much more fun. Almost all of my guitars have the replacement strum bars and I couldn't be happier with them. For your duo, you do have it setup that when pushing either bar down that onscreen one goes down and the othe
  9. Thank you so much, Jedi! While I have not done a custom venue for my stuff yet, this will surely be a valuable resource when I finally take the plunge. Well done!!!
  10. Not a duplicate post. Just 2 posts, back to back, with different subjects, from the same author. Carry on.
  11. I stand corrected! I suppose the couple second listen and not knowing the song at all gave me the impression it was hi-hat. Guess my ears are getting old.
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