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  1. Unable (incapable, lol) to help out, but here to show some enthousiasm! Thank You Scientist really blew my mind when I heard from them some time ago, would love to see more of their stuff!
  2. I think you can easily extrapolate this to real life in general. Those who can see the bigger picture understand why the rules are set in place and can imagine how it's like on the rule enforcement side so they're sympathethic. Those who can't see the bigger picture do not understand and just post without any self-reflection. They will most likely never change (unless they're young). Thank you for your efforts to keep this community together and functioning in high quality.
  3. Absolutely hyping. I had thoughts about suggesting a genre category, but perhaps that was never (going to be) implemented because of genre purism discussions or something. Glad to see it'll be incorporated along with other awesome features! I'll definitely rebrowse the entire catalogue for full band customs of genres I generally enjoy.
  4. It might come across a bit harsh depending on the attitude on the receiving end, but I honestly prefer a critique that I can build on than an empty compliment. You gave some legitimate advice because his absolute fundamentals seemed to be lacking. If I were in his/her shoes, I think I'd feel a lot worse in the end having poured a lot of time and effort into something that people won't play. Like building a house with a bad foundation: people may say "oh that's nice you made that", but nobody's gonna want to live in a crooked-ass house.
  5. Not too sure since I'm a ps3 user, but couldn't you use the setlist manager included in the C3CON tools?
  6. Just a suggestion: maybe it'd be handy for the people looking to chart something to add an extra optional field to fill in on the form. If you leave the field empty, it indicates a full band request (or it auto-fills it to "Full Band" if that's possible, otherwise you can specify what still needs to be done on an existing release. For example: I know a lot of System Of A Down and Tool songs that are almost complete but need (pitched) vocals. That way I could input them as "needs (pitched) vocals". Yay or nay? Just shooting at the wall and seeing what sticks here.
  7. Saw someone requested Frank Klepacki - Hell March, wanted to vote the same, accidentally input Hell March - Frank Klepacki HURF
  8. I think this is a very good idea! Can use some more refinements in the long run to make it easier on the eyes, I'm really interested in taking a look at some of the mid-high requests and "give them my vote" so to speak if they interest me. Edit: those samjjones requests, BRUH
  10. Haven't gotten to watching the video previews, but I know there'll be something to enjoy!
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