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  1. Added a new song for download: I'm Yer Dad by GRLwood. Check the first post for a download link. The song has guitar, drums, and vocals. There is no bass or keys. There is also overdrive charted for all 3 instruments. There are no animations however. If someone could try out the song on a 360, it would be very appreciated, since I only have a PS3 and can't test if the 360 version works. By all means, provide me feedback on the charts as well.
  2. I've been charting songs on-and-off for a few years, but only really stuck to Phase Shift since I did not have a 360, and didn't want to jailbreak my PS3. Well I recently discovered there was a new and much easier way to get customs working on a PS3, so after playing around a bit I managed to get some of my own custom songs working! These are songs that are mostly complete, but I'd like some feedback before posting in the database: GRLwood - I'm Yer Dad (link to download) Here are some songs that I've either began charting or might make in the future: Alcest - Percées de Lumière Cattle
  3. I've been charting for a while, though only for Phase Shift and FoF, since I don't have a 360 and don't want to jailbreak my PS3. However, I decided to try converting one of my charts I made with EOF using Reaper and Magma so it could be played by others on Rock Band. Since I have no way of actually testing the chart, I could use a little help to see if I did anything wrong haha. The song I charted is Raise the Flag by Airbourne. I'm working on charting every song from the Twisted Metal series, and this track is from the PS3 Twisted Metal game. A lot of my charts from this project have alrea
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