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  1. I find EoF is the easiest to use and understand, especially with phase shift. There's a pretty good and simple guide for it on the frets on fire website if you can find it.
  2. I agree! Any specific songs you have in mind? No promises but I can add them to my list of things I'd like to get to.
  3. Wow awesome to have another charter around, with some good taste too! Especially looking forward to that MCR song, and if you are interested I charted the whole first album for phase shift with good guitar/bass/drums expert charts to build off of, so if you're ever interested in doing anything else from that album and would like a little head start, let me know!
  4. If I'm guessing correctly the issue is something to do with the other downloads space not recognizing your url? If so, I had an issue with this before with mediafire links for my 2x charts, and what I did was open the link like i was going to download it myself and then copy the url from that page and paste it in. Hope that helps if that is similar to the issue you are having! If not, I tried lol
  5. Hmm I could think about doing this one, I'm a huge code orange fan and have some of their stuff on my list of things to do, I'll keep this one in mind.
  6. 100% pitched vocals for me, I always get really sad when I go to download a custom and don't pay attention to the fact that it doesn't have pitched vocals until I start playing it. Definitely strikes me as something that is mandatory in creating a high quality custom, though I do get that it is time consuming and isn't for everyone, but I feel like it is really rewarding in the end.
  7. Wow really excited for many of these, especially Despair in The Departure Lounge! Looking forward to it.
  8. literally uploading some we are not your kind rn! Check it out, could be more to come as well
  9. If you want a base for Diamonds I have a pretty solid guitar/drum version for phase shift that you could convert! It's up on my Frets on fire forum. Also I'd recommend charting some slipknot if you're into them at all. Lots of great, popular songs that haven't received the proper treatment on here that would be really fun to play (vermillion, killpop, heretic anthem, prosthetics, me inside to name a few)
  10. Definitely hear Falling Away With You by Muse in there
  11. Wow a whole Nick Cave pack my dreams are about to be realized, can't wait to see whats included
  12. Doomed sounds like a great idea! Easily my fave from That's The Spirit. Looking forward to it!
  13. Ministry and Puscifer choices are nice! Hope to see those on here eventually, especially Puscifer! More of The Cure is always good too.
  14. Hint 4 is the thumbnail for Chapter one of the animated series promoting tenacious D's new album, maybe Hope?
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