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  1. I had that same issue. To fix this simply load the game from USB loader vs or configurable USB loader under ios 249. If you have dongles or any USB instruments make sure their connected before beginning this entire process.
  2. Some more metalcore would be nice. +1 for this request
  3. "Diamonds Aren't Forever" and "No need for introduction, I've read about girls like you on the back of toilet doors" by Bring Me the Horizon would be cool. Diamonds is an iconic song from the band's discography. No need for introductions would probably be easier to chart as its only 59 seconds long.
  4. You look like you are living the good life. Also that Tears For Fears song is greatly appreciated.
  5. Good to have you man. You are one iconic member for me.
  6. What happened to the custom I C#m Blood by Cannibal Corpse?
  7. Go to Options---> uncheck "Use unique numeric song ID"
  8. I've never charted a song but recently I've been working on Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence for drums and guitar and it took 2 and a half months as I'm still in school and the song last 42 minutes. P.S. I'm still debating on whether I should upload it.
  9. Panic Attack by Dream Theater.........Oh Im not joking I play that song like it's nothing! My friend is suprised I'm so relaxed when I play it.
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