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  1. I'm a big fan of Japanese rock and don't see much of the bands i like (or none) if anyone enjoys the songs and would like to chart them it would be much appreciated I also only play guitar portions so that's the only part i would want charted (capitalization is all taken from official youtube videos when available so don't ask me) ONE OK ROCK - Mighty Long Fall ONE OK ROCK - The Way Back - Japanese Ver. ONE OK ROCK - The Beginning ONE OK ROCK - Clock Strikes girugamesh - gravitation girugamesh - INCOMPLETE girugamesh - Drain girugamesh - wither mind girugamesh - Chimera girugamesh - zant
  2. https://youtu.be/yafxUluB6DA?list=PLqA6sAE7mkFwAp40E4CQKuE-h9qGBFd3t I'm kinda surprised i haven't seen this song done yet and would love to play it
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